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Outsource Your Intake

ICE can be an extension of your intake department or we take over the entire intake operation. Below is a listing of the services we offer. We can do it all or you can pick which services you need from the options below.

Mass Torts Client Retention Campaign

Are you interested in running a Mass Torts marketing campaign, but don’t have the infrastructure or staff to handle the volume?  Let ICE answer the calls, qualify the claimants and retain the client’s for you. Provide us your criteria for each of your case types and your retainer agreements and we will handle the sign up for you. We will utilize eSign and mail out packages and even handle the follow up needed to get the clients retained.

Instantaneous and Aggressive Lead Follow Up

Calling leads immediately when they are received is critical to your success. It is not realistic to expect all firms to be able to do this. ICE has the resources to do this for you. We will call your leads as soon as you receive them which will increase your conversion rate exponentially.

Resurrection of Leads

Have you given up on leads?  Let us pursue them for you.


Phone Answering Services

Any call can be valuable, do not let them go to voicemail. Let us answer for you.