Retention Requires More Than Just a Response

ICE understands the importance of intake, lead conversion, phone answering and just how competitive our legal marketplace has become.

How Intake Conversion Experts can Help

This video provides a fun and brief summary of how ICE fills a huge hole within the legal marketing industry.

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ICE: We Are Your Solution to Lead Conversion and Client Retention

The legal marketplace is competitive. Potential leads require their needs to be addressed in a timely and efficient manner. If your law firm isn’t accommodating in this fashion, we can guarantee that others are.

Approximately 33 percent of clients have dropped relations with at least one law firm in the last year. Some of the reasons why these clients leave involve:

  • Inadequate Follow-Up
  • Unavailability
  • Slow Response Time
  • Poor Phone Etiquette
  • Lack of Reassurance

All of these client concerns that lead to law firm abandonment can be easily solved with our unique and unparalleled attorney phone answering services. In essence, we will be an extension of your law firm that draws in client leads. Our intake specialists work diligently to ensure that all leads receive the attention, information, and timely care that they deserve. Our legal intake representatives are attorney-trained in the best practices of the industry. This all works to establish client confidence early on in your law firm’s ability to represent them.

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Experts in Legal Intake, Lead Conversion and Legal Phone Answering Services

We are the legal industry’s leading intake experts focused on one thing: retention. What good is a legal phone answering service if you then need to turn around and spend countless days trying to get the potential client back on the phone? How many law firms do you think that claimant may have contacted in the time between when they spoke to your current answering service and you? ICE’s lawyer answering service will not only answer the phone, but we will qualify claimants. Based upon your criteria, ICE will retain your leads, based on your retainer.

Our Technology

ICE is powered by industry-leading technology. Our legal intake technology takes human error out of the equation. When a new lead comes in, it is automatically assigned to your law firm. Your case’s type-specific questions and retention criteria are presented to our intake expert, who then asks the potential legal client your qualification questions. If the claimant qualifies, we employ our best practices retention methodology to produce epic results.


ICE understands and appreciates the value of your law firm’s lead. To ensure transparency, you have access to everything our legal intake professionals are doing on your behalf. Specifically, we will email frequent reports to your law office, providing specific details about each lead that we handle on your behalf.