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Mesothelioma Campaign Retention Services

A mesothelioma diagnosis is devastating for your clients and their loved ones. This illness is even more painful when it is the result of an organization’s failure to protect your client’s health and well-being. Numerous people who are diagnosed with mesothelioma have a strong legal argument for substantial compensation. However, the idea of entering into a mass tort lawsuit can be frightening and confusing, and many qualified clients never seek the legal support they need.

When your firm focuses on mesothelioma mass tort cases, you understand the hurdles that your clients are facing, and you have the experience necessary to fight for their best interests. However, winning a mass tort lawsuit requires you to spend countless hours gathering resources and building the best possible legal argument. At the end of the day, you do not have any time to spare searching for new clients, ensuring they have a qualifying case, and encouraging them to hire your firm.

Fortunately, the highly skilled professionals at Intake Conversion Experts (ICE) are ready to take on the challenge of client intake and retention, so you can focus on the legal preparation necessary to win your mass tort case. Our team understands the complexities of mesothelioma mass tort lawsuits, and we will use this knowledge to support you and your future clients throughout the intake process.

ICE knows that every person at your law firm has important responsibilities to complete to ensure your clients receive fair compensation. However, you cannot afford to lose a qualified client because you do not have time to answer daily calls and questions. When you work with ICE, you will know that you have a team of professionals by your side to secure your leads and simplify the mass tort process. Learn more about our services by calling 855-WITH-ICE.

Why Does My Firm Need Intake Services?

Client intake and retention is a time-consuming task that you must be able to complete at any time of the day. You never know when a potential client will call, and you cannot afford to lose a lead because of busy phone lines or late-night calls. However, even if you are capable of answering every call and talking to every potential client, you may waste countless hours of your valuable time talking with people who do not meet the criteria for your mass tort case.

Your firm is busy building a strong mesothelioma lawsuit, and you need every member of your team focused on this case. That is why you need to delegate the client intake and retention process to a team of professionals. Client intake specialists know how to make your intake process more effective, so you find more qualified leads than any other lawyer in your area. Most importantly, your client intake team is prepared to respond to potential clients any time of day or night, so you never miss out on a qualified lead.

When you hire a team that only focuses on the intake and retention process, you can guarantee that your clients will receive the time and attention they deserve whenever they call your office. This gives every potential client a good first impression of your firm and confidence in your services, helping you develop lasting attorney-client relationships.

Client intake and retention is a key factor in growing your client pool and developing the strongest mass tort case possible. However, not every client who calls your office has a qualified claim, and you should not have to waste time sifting through unsuccessful leads. Well-trained intake specialists have an in-depth knowledge of the legal process, mass tort law, and your mesothelioma lawsuit. They will use this knowledge to answer potential clients’ questions and determine if a caller has a strong case that will benefit your firm.

Working with a high-quality intake and retention service is the best way to ensure that your firm has a large client base that will help you win your mesothelioma mass tort case.

What Retention Services Does ICE Offer?

Finding the right clients for your mesothelioma mass tort case takes time and persistence. Your firm needs to be able to offer the support and guidance that fits every potential client’s individual needs. ICE takes pride in our ability to offer a variety of essential intake services, such as:

  • Answering calls and chatting online: A trained intake professional will answer calls from every potential client. Our call centers are open 24/7 to ensure that you never miss a lead. Our team also provides chat services on your website, so your potential clients can reach out in any format that is most comfortable for them.
  • Pre-qualifying clients: We take the time to listen to and get to know every potential caller, so we can determine if they have a qualifying claim. You will only receive information about clients who will benefit your firm and meet your case guidelines.
  • Retaining clients: Our team utilizes advanced retention techniques to ensure qualifying clients follow through with their mass tort claim. We offer unique services, such as electronic retainers and document signing, that make converting new clients simpler than ever before.
  • Following up with leads: We provide unparalleled customer service to ensure that every potential client has the information necessary to start their mass tort case. There is no question too big or small for our intake professionals to answer.
  • Resurrecting leads: We understand that many clients need multiple interactions before they are ready to start a legal case. We are prepared to follow up with potential clients as frequently as necessary to help them take this step. Our commitment to client service and communication will offer you the best retention rates possible.

ICE has spent years enhancing our client conversion techniques, which has allowed us to truly become experts in this field. We are prepared to implement services and strategies that offer the greatest support and assistance to each of your clients.

What Sets ICE Apart From Other Services?

ICE knows that your law firm needs an intake service that understands your unique needs and is prepared to uphold your firm’s standards and values. We are not a call center that simply answers the phones and collects information. We take the time to train each of our employees about intake and retention, so we can ensure that they offer you the best possible results. Our team-member training program is extensive and on-going, including practices such as:

  • Floor-coaching
  • Mock intakes and staff analysis
  • Quality control reviews of every call
  • Monitored performance indicators
  • High professional expectations and strength reinforcement

We value every member of our team, and we instill a positive work environment that encourages on-going performance improvement and dedication to this specialized work. You can trust that every team member at ICE will take the time to build strong relationships with your potential clients and will provide high-quality service over the phone or through our live chat feature.

What If I Already Have an Intake Team?

ICE understands the importance of the intake team that you already employ, and we will never encourage you to fire your current team. Instead, we aim to supplement and support your intake team to make their work even more effective and efficient.

Your current intake team may not have the capacity to support an extremely high call volume, which may make it impossible to respond to every inquiry that reaches your office. When you hire ICE, you will never have to turn away a potential client because you did not have the resources to answer their call. Any call that your current intake team cannot respond to is automatically forwarded to our center, guaranteeing that every potential client can speak to a real person over the phone.

This automatic forwarding system also allows us to answer calls quickly, so your clients do not have to wait on the line. Most people will simply hang up the phone if they wait too long for someone to answer. However, ICE will help guarantee that each client receives a rapid response from one of our intake professionals, increasing your client pool and building your reputation for efficient service.

Why Choose ICE to Manage Your Mesothelioma Campaign

ICE takes our role in your mesothelioma mass tort campaign seriously, and we are prepared to offer service that exceeds your expectations. Our team ensures that we represent the best qualities of your law firm by taking the time to get to know your style, preferences, and campaign goals.

ICE does not provide generic responses to your client’s questions because we personalize our intake approach to meet your firm’s needs. When your clients have detailed information about their mesothelioma claim and your firm, they will have the confidence to move forward with their mass tort case.

Contact ICE Today

If you are ready to improve client intake and retention for your mesothelioma mass tort campaign, you need to work with the professionals at ICE. We are dedicated to offering you the best intake services, and we are confident in our ability to help you find the right clients for your mass tort case. Take the next step in expanding your law firm by calling ICE at 855-WITH-ICE today.