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Belviq Retention Campaign

In January 2020, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced that the weight-loss drug Belviq, also known as lorcaserin, was being removed from the U.S. market because the drug’s clinical safety trials showed that it was related to an increased occurrence of cancer. Eisai, Inc., the drug manufacturer, has since withdrawn Belviq from the U.S. markets.

Belviq was approved for use by the FDA in 2012 to treat obesity, especially in patients that had other serious health conditions, such as high blood pressure or diabetes. It was prescribed in its original form (Belviq), and in an extended-release form (Belviq XR).

Shortly after the FDA’s announcement, lawsuits against Eisai, Inc. commenced, and are still in the early stages. Cancer patients who developed lung, colorectal, or pancreatic cancer after taking Belviq in any form still have the opportunity to file a complaint against the drug manufacturer for the harm they suffered.

Law firms all through the United States are prepared to bring claims on behalf of cancer patients who were harmed by Belviq. However, these firms, both large and small, may not have the infrastructure available to handle the time-consuming process of speaking to potential clients seeking representation.  As such, many firms will lose many potential new clients due to a simple inability to screen incoming phone inquiries.

Intake Conversion Experts, LLC (ICE) can help your firm conduct a mass tort retention campaign related to the defective weight-loss drug Belviq. ICE provides a virtual skilled and experienced conversion team to help your firm identify and retain new clients diagnosed with cancer after taking Belviq. With ICE by your side, your firm could see millions of dollars in increased revenue.

Why Choose ICE?

A thorough client intake is essential to operating any successful mass tort retention campaign. ICE is ready, willing, and able to handle your firm’s incoming calls, and follow-up with all potential leads. We will screen all potential clients seeking justice for the harm they suffered by Belviq, while you focus your time and energy on the legal aspects and strategies of your mass tort retention campaign to ensure the best possible result on behalf of your clients.

ICE provides intake services to law firms seeking to boost their intake rate and their profits. At ICE, your intake is our only priority. You’ll see your leads turn into actual clients.

If you are pursuing mass tort claims against Eisai, Inc., contact ICE to help with your campaign. With our services, you will undoubtedly increase client retentions, and your profits.

Call Intake Conversion Experts, LLC now at (855) WITH-ICE to put your marketing dollars to work for you. Let us build your Belviq mass tort retention campaign. Feel free to contact us via online chat or email as well. ICE does not charge any fees until we sign up a new case for you. 

Do I Need a Belviq Cancer Claim Intake Service?

As attorneys, you spent many years in school learning how to advocate for your clients and the causes in which you believe. Once in practice, however, you learned that law is not only a profession, it is also a business. As such, you spend thousands of dollars every year, marketing your business to ensure that it is successful.

People searching for a personal injury attorney will likely find information about attorneys in their area online. When they make the call to your office, they expect immediate attention and professional service. If they do not receive the service that they expect, they will call someone else.

With ICE, our intake and retention specialists are trained to handle all phone calls from potential clients, with the goal of converting them to actual clients. ICE can provide the people who contact your firm for help with the attention that they deserve.

Don’t let potential new clients in your mass tort retention campaign slip away. Let ICE do the intake work for you. You, in turn, can work on legal matters, ensuring the best possible result for all of your clients’ cases.

For a reasonable fee, we can increase and maximize your retention rate by signing up new clients and also by following-up on leads that are typically abandoned after several attempts.

Hiring ICE involves no risk and no obligation on your part. Additionally, we will use your retainer and any criteria that you set. ICE is managed by an attorney at all times. We provide daily reports of our progress. At ICE, we don’t simply fill out forms, we sell!

Don’t lose out to your competitors. Contact Intake Conversion Experts, LLC now. We only get paid if we retain a client on your behalf.

Trust Intake Conversion Experts (ICE) with Your Belviq Mass Tort Campaign

The intake and conversion experts at Intake Conversion Experts, LLC are here to help your legal business succeed. Working with our firm will increase your firm’s number of retentions and your bottom line.

Intake Conversion Experts, LLC’s principals and leaders know how to get the job done.

Denny Newberry has over ten years of experience in business development and sales leadership positions in the legal industry. In 2012, he helped develop “Captorra,” the country’s leading case intake software. Denny’s move to ICE allows him to utilize both his knowledge of the intake process, as well as his sales experience. Denny is successful on behalf of his law firm clients because he approaches intake as selling his client’s law firms to potential new clients.

Matt Kelly, a graduate of Penn State University, is a former software engineer and consultant whose area of expertise is legal technology. He presently heads the technical infrastructure for ICE and oversees best practices for processes in its call center. Matt is also the product manager for Captorra. He has helped over 100 plaintiff firms develop and improve their intake processes and improve their intake rate.

Chris O’Brien is the Chief Strategy Officer at ICE and the CEO of Captorra. For the past 15 years, he has helped Plaintiff firms implement new technology and business processes. Chris speaks at legal events all over the country on law firm topics, including case management, time management, and plaintiff case intake. Chis is proud of the team he helped assemble at ICE and the successes that his client base has experienced.

Gary Falkowitz graduated from St. John’s University School of Law in 2005. Thereafter, he worked at the Kings County District Attorney’s Office and then worked at Parker Waichman, LLP, litigating mass tort matters. There, Gary learned how to increase the firm’s conversion percentage and grow the firm’s referral business. He learned first-hand that the ability to prioritize and scrutinize the intake process is key to maximizing a law firm’s revenue.

With the team at ICE, your firm’s conversion rate will grow to 70% to 80%, from the national average of approximately 50%.

Areas of Belviq Cancer Claims Retention Campaigns We Handle

Let ICE handle the intake of your Belviq retention campaign. We can do the upfront work for you. Our services include:

  1. Answering the Call – Our team of trained experts will make sure that you never miss a call or an online inquiry. We give each potential client the attention and care they deserve to increase the likelihood that they retain your firm to represent them in the Belviq cancer claim.
  2. Qualifying the Claimant – Our firm understands that not every person who calls your firm will become a client in your Belviq cancer claim retention. Our team will screen every inquiry to ensure that they are qualified.
  3. Retaining the Client – Using our electronic signing technology, our intake specialists will retain the maximum number of potential plaintiffs for your Belviq mass tort retention campaign.
  4. Following-up on Leads – This is perhaps one of the most valuable services that ICE provides, as many law firms simply do not have the time or the manpower to follow through with every lead that comes their way.
  5. Resurrecting Leads – ICE firmly believes that there should be no dead ends with a legal answering service. We ensure that all leads are pursued by providing every potential client with information and reassurance as they process whether to move forward with their claim.
  6. Transparency – We understand that transparency leads to trust. Our firm’s clients are encouraged to participate in our process. We welcome your input. In fact, you can even choose which step of the intake process you want ICE to handle, if you prefer.

Let Intake Conversion Experts, LLC Answer the Call

If your law firm is pursuing a Belviq mass tort retention campaign, contact ICE now to increase your client retentions. Increased retentions amount to increased profits.

Our team of legal intake experts is trained to convert qualified leads into new clients.  Our bilingual team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by phone, by email or by live chat services.

At ICE, you only pay upon delivery of a signed retainer.

Call Intake Conversion Experts, LLC now to learn how we can help your Belviq cancer claim mass tort retention campaign. We can be reached at (855) WITH-ICE.