Law firms typically rely on lead generation to gain new clients. However, many don’t understand the process involved in turning those leads into signed clients. At Intake Conversion Experts, we can handle every aspect of lead conversion. From taking calls from prospective clients to completing an effective and efficient intake process, our team of specialists knows how to get the job done.

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What Is Lead Conversion?

There is a significant difference between lead generation and lead conversion.

Lead generation involves targeting a specific audience to bring them to a company’s website and turn them into leads. Lead conversion refers to a combined marketing and sales process that converts new leads into actual paying clients.

The stages leads must go through before hiring your firm and becoming signed clients you can represent in legal cases include:

  • Becoming a lead
  • Becoming a marketing-qualified lead (MQL)
  • Becoming a sales-qualified lead (SQL)

It’s crucial to track these leads throughout every stage. If you’re not consistent with follow-ups and finding ways to meet each caller’s needs, it will be challenging to convince a prospective client to retain your firm.

Creating an Effective Lead Conversion Process

Before converting leads into clients, you must create a strategy and implement it effectively to turn inbound calls into cases. The steps you need to take might include:

Opening a Call Center

You might already have a designated person or team of people handling inbound calls from leads. However, if they have other responsibilities, they could face challenges keeping up with your prospective clients’ needs. It’s more difficult to multitask when a paralegal must assist lawyers with their cases and also communicate with callers interested in retaining your firm’s services.

A more efficient way to handle these calls and improve conversion rates is to hire intake specialists whose only responsibility is to field calls from prospective clients. You could open a call center or allow these employees to work in a separate department in your offices. Either way, they should only manage calls, emails, and inquiries from other sources for your firm.

Your leads might reside in a diverse area, meaning potential clients speak languages besides English. It would be helpful to hire bilingual intake specialists also to answer calls. This allows you to cast a wide net and bring in clients from different demographics.

No matter where your intake team works, they should always be available to speak with your leads. That means you should offer 24/7 availability so a caller can reach a live person during the day, after normal business hours, and on the weekends. If someone calls and your call center has already closed for the day, that person will likely contact another firm that operates all day, year-round.

Responding to Calls Immediately

Prospective clients typically want immediate service. They don’t want to leave a message and wait for someone to call them back. If a lead calls your firm and the phone keeps ringing without anyone answering, or the call goes to voicemail, they could call someone else who does answer and hire them instead.

Your intake team should answer every inbound call after only a couple of rings. You can also utilize other methods of communication, such as chat and email to respond to potential client inquiries.

Your intake specialists should quickly follow up with anyone who reaches out to your firm through an online contact form, social media post, email, or another digital platform. If it takes too long for the lead to receive a response, you could miss out on a new client.

Hiring Competent and Experienced Intake Specialists

Having a call center won’t do much good if the specialists don’t know how to do their jobs. The people answering calls should know how to communicate with leads and convert them into cases. That means they should understand the services you offer and separate potential clients from callers needing a lawyer specializing in a different practice area.

The employees in your call center should also obtain the information they need for an efficient intake process, such as the client’s name and contact information, the type of case they have, and other necessary details. Intake employees should also know what kinds of questions to ask and take thorough notes regarding the conversation.

Using Techniques to Persuade New Clients to Sign with You

Offering your potential clients incentives is an excellent way to increase lead conversion. You could offer free e-books containing useful information for your leads. Many law firms provide an initial free consultation to discuss a person’s case and advise them about their legal options.

Restructuring your website to appear more likable could also improve your intake lead conversion. If you sponsor charitable organizations and participate in various events, post pictures online and discuss what you do to better the community for its residents. If potential clients don’t trust you, they will cross your name off their list and seek representation from someone else.

Streamlining Your Intake Process

Callers want results fast. If a lead decides to hire you, they likely want to sign the contracts immediately and have you start working on their case. However, if you rely on snail mail to send them the contracts they need to sign, it could be days or even weeks before you begin legal proceedings.

It’s most beneficial to use digital methods to complete the intake process. Send your potential clients a link they can click on in a text or email to review all documents and sign them electronically. Your intake specialist can even walk them through each form over the phone to guarantee they retain your services.

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