Phone Answering Service for Law Firms

Intake Conversion Experts (ICE) is an outsourced intake department for law firms, providing support to your firm during the times when your reception/intake staff are busy with other responsibilities.

First Impressions Are Lasting Impressions

The first phone call that a potential client makes to your law firm will usually form their first impression of your firm. Why invest so much time and money in getting leads and incoming calls only to them go unanswered, leaving them with a lasting impression that is negative and inaccurate?

Research shows that nearly 33 percent of clients have severed relations with at least one law firm in the past year because of a bad first impression. Unanswered calls, lack of reassurance, insufficient follow-up, unprofessional phone etiquette, slow response time, and unavailability all contribute to this impression.

Each phone call represents a potential case that could earn your firm a significant amount of attorney’s fees, but most claimants will hang-up on calls that are not answered within a certain period of time.

ICE can help you develop a successful telephone answering policy that always makes an incredible first impression, as our legal intake representatives are attorney-trained in the best practices of the industry.

Best Practices Matter

Incorporating a legal phone answering service as an intake tool could provide a positive first impression, engage and capture more leads, serve existing clients, process orders, and schedule and confirm appointments promptly.

To retain qualifying leads, the following best practices should be employed:

  • Calls should be answered in three rings or less. To avoid missing a call to your law firm, it is smart to arrange for any calls that go unanswered after three rings to be forwarded directly to ICE.
  • Calls from all claimants should be accommodated. At ICE, we can provide premier support by taking calls from non-English speaking claimants. Your law firm can rely on our bilingual intake specialists, saving you from hiring a third-party translating service.
  • Calls should be answered with consistency. To achieve this, your answering service should function as a seamless extension of your firm.
  • ICE is committed to answering each call promptly and ensuring that every caller is greeted with a brand message consistent with your law firm. Our phone answering service delivers these brand details and directs callers to the person who is best suited for assisting with their questions and issues.
  • ICE ensures that all calls are answered professionally, yet personally. Many callers are likely to be dealing with a host of physical, emotional, or financial issues, and don’t want to be treated like a number. They need to be treated like an individual who may be searching for legal counsel as the result of a difficult or tragic situation.

For a more personal touch, our intake specialists use modern software to greet repeat callers by name, verifying services without the client ever being required to repeat details of their case. This diminishes the chance of frustrating a client by asking them to restate their information repeatedly while communicating their value as an individual.

ICE specialists can access detailed account information about appointments, past problems, or services on the spot. Decreasing the average handle time of each call equates to immediate savings for your law firm. And personalizing the customer’s experience presents a chance to improve brand loyalty.

Consistent Communication is Key

At ICE, we use industry-leading intake technology to automatically assign new leads coming in directly to your law firm. Our intake experts use your unique criteria to ask potential legal clients your qualification questions.

We ensure that up-to-date information is always given out to  your clients. Consistent communication between your law firm and ICE will include updating information on hours of operation, directions, phone numbers, staff positions, and process instructions as necessary.

The primary reason for hiring a legal phone answering service is to provide calling clients with live assistance around the clock. Callers will be able to speak to an agent 365 days per year, 7 days a week, all day and night long.

Studies show that many clients drop relations with law firms because of a bad first impression, but you can easily prevent firm abandonment with our dynamic, unparalleled attorney answering services.

Many law firms that already have a reception or intake staff also implement the services of ICE to offer support to their law firm during those times when the intake staff is too busy with other important responsibilities.

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Why Hire a Legal Phone Answering Service?

People looking for legal help expect that they will be able to reach an attorney quickly, and other law firms know this. To be competitive, your law firm needs to respond to calls from prospective clients quickly before they decide to reach out to another firm.

Our intake specialists work hard to ensure that all leads receive the information and timely care that they deserve. At ICE, our specialists are trained on adaptable and active listening processes and are committed to providing callers with personal attention.

Specialists will have a thorough knowledge of the specific type of claims you are seeking and will be able to deliver personalized information to leads. With the right information readily available, our specialists can answer the questions that turn leads into conversions.

ICE is dedicated to capturing client leads, essentially functioning as an extension of your law firm. Clients won’t be able to differentiate between speaking with someone at your office, or someone at ICE. By determining and implementing consistent policies that every team member follows, we can deliver this seamless consistency.

Additionally, the attorney phone answering services of ICE have been designed around a precise formula to maximize lead retention for your law firm. From the first phone call, this winning combination assures that a client’s lasting impression of your law firm is one of confidence in your ability to represent them.

Your law firm has invested good money into attracting potential clients. As the premier attorney phone answering service, we are here to help you retain their business.

Why Choose Us – The Intake Conversion Expert’s Advantage

The personal injury world is competitive by nature. Effective communication with a potential client, prompt response time, and messaging that is appropriate can be the difference between an unsuccessful business and a successful law firm.

What good is an answering service if you are still left spending days and weeks making calls in an attempt to get the potential client back on the phone? What are the chances that the claimant contacted other law firms in the time between when they spoke to your existing answering service and you? Those chances are high!

At ICE, we are much more than your standard legal phone answering service. We are the edge you need to stand out from other law firms! ICE can take over your firm’s entire intake operation or be an extension of your intake department.

ICE’s legal answering service can do so much more than merely answer the phone. Our specialists can qualify leads and provide lead conversion and client retention phone services. We are here to help in generating the client leads you need to continue growing a successful practice.

We work diligently to customize services to your law firm’s specific requirements and your customers’ needs. To offer excellent services, we have several tiers of service available, from Mass Torts client retention campaigns to lead follow-up and lead resurrections.

Contact Us

At ICE, we do not market or charge per lead, nor do we look to share in the attorney’s fees. Our ability to respond quickly, qualify appropriately, follow up aggressively, and retain at high rates will ensure that your law firm’s marketing dollars are not wasted.

ICE intake specialists are trained to go the extra mile, working to convert your law firm’s inbound (and new) or outbound (and already qualified) leads to maximize your return on investment. By partnering with our team of legal intake specialists, you are investing in expanding your firm’s intake and will reap the benefits of growth of revenue in the long-term.

If you need professional assistance handling an increasing call volume and you would like to learn more about Intake Conversion Experts legal phone answering service or other services we offer, please call us at (855) WITH-ICE/(855) 647-6617.