Instantaneous Lead Follow Up

The Science of Lead Follow-Up

Lead follow-up is a science we have mastered here at Intake Conversion Experts (ICE). It’s a balancing act between meaningful attention and respecting a lead’s personal desire to follow a claim. Our team members are specifically trained to identify quality leads and deliver the unparalleled customer service to secure them for your firm.

When communication falters, we have trained our team members to strategically and aggressively follow up with these leads. At ICE, we never take a “one size fits all” approach. We recognize that every individual is at a different stage in the process, so we utilize our robust technology systems and software, alongside our innovative lead capturing techniques, to ensure we follow up in a strategic manner.

Every client receives the attention they need without the off-putting harassment that can drive them away.

ICE Quality Lead Follow-Up Tactics

To begin with, at ICE, we ensure every lead receives a response in a timely manner. Not only are we able to provide attorney phone answering services, but we also follow up with:

  • Web leads
  • Internet chats
  • Missed calls/hang-ups

Some of the gold standard practices that our intake experts are adequately trained in include:

  1. Missed calls/hang-ups receive friendly “thank you” callbacks immediately. Potential clients no longer have to wait days to receive attention. This aggressive lead follow up technique highlights the care and attention you provide each client.
  2. Our intake conversion specialists are trained on adaptable and active listening processes. They will have a thorough knowledge of the specific type of claims you are seeking and will be able to deliver personalized information to leads. With the right information at hand, our specialists can answer the questions that turn leads into conversions.
  3. At ICE, we are able to utilize various communication channels to follow-up with quality leads. From phone calls to website chats and other means of communication, our team members will be able to follow-up with leads in the manner easiest for them. Our system allows us to prioritize leads in order to respond to those most urgently in need with the due diligence they deserve.
  4. Our software system allows us to create an effective follow-up schedule while also tracking communications to ensure that no leads are falling through the crack or being overwhelmed by meaningless contact.
  5. We give potential leads the space they need. Our intake specialists recognize that seeking out a lawyer usually comes as the result of a tragic or awful situation. Individuals in need of legal counseling are likely to be dealing with a host of emotional, physical, or financial issues. Pushing them to make a decision during this time is not only ineffective but also unprofessional. We will expertly nurture these leads as necessary then aggressively resurrect them when the right time comes.

Benefits of Working with ICE

  1. A quick and efficient on-boarding process means you can start securing leads immediately.
  2. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days per year. Never miss out on a valuable opportunity.
  3. We offer bilingual intake conversion specialists. Grow your case numbers.
  4. We are much more than just an answering service. We are able to handle calls, chats, effectively follow-up with leads, resurrect lost leads, assist with signing cases, and handle other tasks. We put in the time, effort, resources, training, and personnel management to convert qualified leads into clients.
  5. We are able to handle mass tort campaigns.
  6. After an initial set-up fee, we only charge per qualified client. Stop paying call center personnel to keep potential leads on the line. You deserve results and ICE can deliver.
  7. We have the ability to sign claimants on behalf of your firm.
  8. ICE uses Captorra, the industry’s most prominent case intake and lead conversion software. Captorra is a name you can trust.

Experts Delivering Unparalleled Attorney Phone Answering Services

ICE was founded by the best minds in the industry. The collaborative effort of experienced attorneys, software experts, legal technology professionals, and marketing leaders, Intake Conversion Experts truly are lead capturing experts like no others.

The legal marketplace has become extremely competitive and you deserve to have an edge over your peers. We can help to deliver the client leads you need to continue growing your practice. Do NOT waste another minute or dollar with other legal call service providers. Let us be the driving force behind your success. We are ready to partner with you.

If you would like to learn more about the services we provide at Intake Conversion Experts, please call us at (855) WITH-ICE/(855) 948-4423.