Full Service Mass Tort and Personal Injury Case Retention

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Personal Injury and Mass Torts Intake Experts

Two of the most advertised types of cases are mass tort and car accident injuries. Whether a new claimant seeks your representation because they were injured by a defective medical device, dangerous medication, car accident, or slip and fall, ICE understands an injured claimant’s mentality. They want someone to listen. They want answers. They want to act. And they want it all NOW. In this day and age, if a law firm can’t qualify a claimant on the first call, that claimant will often find services elsewhere. Similarly, if a law firm is unable to retain a qualified claimant as soon as possible, that claimant, once again, will often find services elsewhere. And that’s why ICE was formed. At ICE, we really understand that time is not on our side. To maximize any marketing campaigns, the intake you employ must be able to qualify and, potentially, retain on the first call. And most law firms today do not have the resources, interest, or willingness to maximize their marketing campaigns. At ICE, we want you to stop losing valuable claimants due to poor intake. Our advice: Start focusing on the law so that we can focus on the intake.
At ICE, Intake is ALL WE DO. We do not market. We do not look to share in the attorney’s fee. And we do not charge per-lead. Our ability to respond fast, qualify appropriately, follow up aggressively and retain at high rates allows our clients to ensure that their marketing dollars are not wasted. The best part? You only pay if we are successful in acquiring a retainer on your behalf. Just sit back and watch as we respond, follow up, qualify and retain cases… using YOUR retainer and YOUR criteria.
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Reasons Why Your Firm Needs ICE Retaining Their Cases:

  • Intake Attorney Expert Managing The Call Center
  • Daily Reporting
  • We don’t just respond, we sell
  • We have the appropriate resources to follow up frequently and for long periods of times
  • No robo-calls!
  • US trained and based intake specialists
  • We use your criteria
  • No additional cost for talk time
  • No additional cost per lead
  • We only get paid if we retain
  • We do not seek to share in the attorney’s fee

    Look at what others are saying about us:

     “I have had a successful personal injury practice for a number of years.  Once I entered the mass tort space, I needed the infrastructure to handle a significant call volume.  ICE has filled that need and has supported me in building a wonderful client base.”
    – Rod Dixon, Managing Partner