1. What is I.C.E.?
    I.C.E. stands for Intake Conversion Experts. We are an outsourced Intake Department for your Law Firm.
  2. How do I get started with I.C.E.?
    Give us a call at 855-WITH-ICE. After a short, but concise, conversation with one of our onboarding agents, we’ll begin the implementation process. Our discussion is 100% focused on the type of firm you are, the types of cases you market for and what you believe separates your law firm your competitors.
  3. Where is I.C.E. located?
    I.C.E. is located at 1025 Old Country Road, Suite 105 Westbury, NY 11590
  4. Are you able to take calls for non English speaking claimants?
    We staff multiple Spanish speaking agents on each shift.  This allows for us to offer bilingual services.
  5. Does I.C.E. outsource to different countries?
    No. All of our agents are in Long Island, New York.
  6. Why would I hire I.C.E. if I already have a reception / intake staff?
    I.C.E. provides support to your law firm during those times when your reception/intake staff are busy with other responsibilities. Since most people hang-up on calls if they are not answered within a certain period of time, you can easily have calls that go unanswered for 3 rings forwarded directly to I.C.E. so that your office doesn’t miss the call. Remember, you spend good money to make the phone ring and every call that goes unanswered is a potential case that can earn your firm a significant amount of attorney’s fees.
  7. What separates the services I.C.E. provides from other answering service companies?
    It’s important that potential law firm clients of I.C.E. understand that we are not just another answering service. Given the competitive nature of the personal injury world, response time, appropriate messaging and the ability to effectively communicate with a potential client, separates successful law firms from unsuccessful law firms. I.C.E. is more than just an answering service. We are an outsourced intake department. Our ability to handle calls, chats, follow-ups, missed calls, lost leads and assistance with signing cases allows us to increase the profitability of our clients.
  8. What are the three most valuable aspects to a successful answering service, and how is I.C.E. better equipped to provide this value?
    In our opinion, the three most valuable aspects to a successful answering service are:

    1. Transparency
    2. Accountable intake representatives
    3. Strong understanding of the subject matter and what are the potential caller’s circumstances.

    I.C.E. was formed by a former Intake Attorney-Manager for a national personal injury law firm as well as the founders of the leading legal intake software company. If anyone understands the value of Intake, it is the founders of I.C.E. They are obsessed with helping law firms sign more cases and I.C.E. gives them another path by which to do so.

  9. Why should a law firm work with an answering service?
    In this day and age, given the many options available to potential clients, a law firm’s ability to immediately respond to an inquiry is as important as any other aspect of the business. Since law firms rarely employ the staff necessary to appropriately respond to inquiries at any given moment, it has become exceedingly necessary to outsource certain aspects of Intake to ensure a maximum number of signed cases.
  10. What are the services you provide?
    • Follow up on web leads
    • Follow up on your internet chats
    • Follow up on missed calls/hang-ups
    • Follow up on leads that the firm gave up on (“lost leads”)
    • Ability to sign claimants on behalf of your firm
    • Ability to schedule sign-ups for qualified cases.
    • Live Call Transfer
    • Overflow Call Handling
    • Bilingual Services
  11. Do I really need the additional services that I.C.E. provides? Can’t I just use any answering service?
    Of course you can use just any answering service but why would you? Your firm has spent a considerable amount of money to acquire leads. It behooves you to ensure that those leads are responded to quickly, handled appropriately and immediately signed when qualified. The difference between any answering service and I.C.E. is evident in the number of signed and resolved cases.
  12. What are your hours of operation?
    We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days per year.