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Criminal Defense Attorney Phone Answering Service and Intake Retention

Criminal defense firms may keep traditional business hours, but they need to be available at all hours when it comes to the clients they serve. While firms often pay close attention to staffing legal assistants and junior associates, the importance of having a quality intake department cannot be overlooked.

When your intake department is not adequately staffed or employees are overworked, it can have devastating effects on your firm’s ability to respond to leads and sign up new clients.

If you practice criminal defense, you should not hesitate to contact Intake Conversion Experts (ICE). We have years of experience and use cutting edge technology to help convert your website’s visitors to clients.

ICE intake experts are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year so you will never miss a single claim. You can call [phone-number] or contact us online today to begin discussing your campaign.

Do I Need Intake Conversion Experts for My Criminal Defense Firm?

At ICE, our trained intake experts are available to answer calls to your practice day or night, and our highly trained professionals understand the best etiquette to use when dealing with prospective clients. Every person who calls your firm will get the attention they need and deserve. We understand that people who’ve been arrested and charged with a crime are in need of answers quickly, and we’ll be there to make sure that they are connected to you immediately.

ICE can also help deliver qualified clients to you. We understand that not every call results in a client, and we can make sure that you are only presented with qualified leads.

We can also help retain clients for you through our electronic signing technology. ICE will make every reasonable effort to provide potential clients with the attention required to help keep clients.

Perhaps most importantly, ICE will follow up with leads and make sure that all of the necessary background legwork is performed. You can count on us to help answer people’s questions and convert leads into clients.

Why Choose ICE To Handle My Intake?

ICE considers itself to be the collaboration of the best intake minds in the marketplace. Our leadership includes years of experience in the legal industry, and we’re ready to put that experience to work for your firm.

Gary P. Falkowitz is a former Principal Consultant at Maximum Intake Consulting where he helped dozens of law firms in the United States improve intake practices and also served as Managing Attorney for one of the largest personal injury law firms in the country. Chris O’Brien has 15 years of plaintiff law firm business process experience and has identified and implemented intake best practices through his company’s software, Captorra, the industry’s most prominent case intake, and lead conversion software.

Matt Kelley has more than two decades of legal technology experience. Denny Newberry has over a decade of experience in sales and marketing leadership.

ICE understands how competitive the market has become in competing for leads, and we take all necessary follow-up procedures to help our clients secure all quality leads. We have adapted to work in today’s marketplace, and we can help your firm adapt too.

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Types of Services We Offer for Criminal Defense Law Firms

ICE provides all of the following services that can help your criminal defense firm capture more leads and sign up more clients:

  1. Live Call Transfer— Nobody wants to hear hold music when they place a phone call to any business. With ICE, you can be sure that every phone call to your law firm gets dispatched to a live agent as soon as possible. This can be true even when all of your employees in the firm are all currently on the phone. ICE can be an invaluable backup when your law firm is at its busiest.
  2. Overflow Call Handling— Again, your law firm can only handle so many phone calls at a single time. Even when you have multiple phone lines, every one of them might be spoken for. A busy signal could be just as fatal as the aforementioned hold music. With ICE, you have overflow call protection, so no phone call is ever missed.

ICE believes in transparency with all of our services and processes, so you can be confident that you will always have access to all of our calls and will be able to decide which parts of intake conversion you want to use us for.

ICE has intake conversion specialists who are specifically trained to understand the kinds of claims that you are seeking to handle. We will know how to work with every person who contacts your firm and answer all of their questions so they can feel confident in your abilities.

Keep in mind that ICE does far more than just handle phone calls. We can also oversee numerous online and technical concerns relating to your law firm, and we may be able to assist with other tasks as they are needed.

With the ICE Active Lead Program, you will get daily reporting and agents who can follow up frequently and for long periods of time. We do not just respond, but we actually know how to sell your law firm and convert all interested persons into clients for your firm.

Are you bilingual?

ICE staffs multiple Spanish-speaking agents for every shift.  We can certainly provide bilingual services.

Why should a criminal defense law firm work with an answering service?

Law firms need to be able to respond to any inquiry as soon as possible after it has been submitted. Particularly for clients with criminal cases, a speedy response can be the difference between signing up a case and losing it to a different firm.

Most firms do not have enough staff necessary to field phone calls at all hours or review online inquiries. As a result, many law firms have turned to ICE for all of their intake needs and have been thrilled with the results.

Why would I hire I.C.E. if I already have a reception / intake staff?

Simply put, there will be times that your own reception or intake staff will be overwhelmed and incapable of handling every matter they are dealing with. Many people will hang up when their phone calls are not answered within a certain number of rings, but you can have it set up so phone calls are automatically forwarded to ICE if they reach a certain number of rings when your own staff cannot get to them. Even when you employ your own intake staff, you can consider ICE to be a valuable form of insurance to guarantee that all calls are being answered.


Contact Intake Conversion Experts for Criminal Law Intake Phone Answering Services

Are you looking to improve your criminal defense firm’s intake? Are you looking to make the most of your marketing and advertising dollars by capturing and responding to all of the leads that you receive? If so, contact Intake Conversion Experts (ICE) as soon as possible to discuss how we can help. Call us at [phone-number] or contact us online right away.