About Us

Our History

Intake Conversion Experts, LLC (ICE) is the collaboration of the best intake minds in the marketplace. Having worked together on various projects with numerous clients, the founders of ICE have brought a service to the legal marketplace which focuses on increasing your retention percentage. Period.

Gary P. Falkowitz, Esq. brings years of legal experience as Managing Attorney at one of the nation’s largest personal injury law firms. He is also the Principal Consultant at Maximum Intake Consulting where he works with dozens of law firms throughout the country to improve upon their intake practices with an eye towards improving their conversion percentage.

Chris O’Brien brings 15 years of plaintiff law firm business process experience.  For the past 5 years, his sole focus has been on identifying and implementing intake best practices through his company’s software, Captorra. Captorra is the industry’s most prominent case intake and lead conversion software.

Matt Kelley has over 20 years of legal technology experience.  He has been a change agent at every stop of his career. Implementing new processes and designing software to help accomplish the objectives of his clients has always been his focus.

Denny Newberry has been in sales and marketing leadership for over the past 10 years. This experience has provided him the opportunity to learn the best the intake practices for our clients.  

We believe that intake is the sales arm of your firm. And it must be a priority of yours to ensure a maximum return on investment.

Our Understanding of Intake

ICE understands the importance of intake and lead conversion. ICE also understands just how competitive our legal marketplace has become. It is no longer okay to simply take a message and call a potential client back. No longer is it okay to wait a few hours to call a potential client back after they submit a web lead. No longer is it okay for you to force them to come into your office to retain your firm’s services. The marketplace has changed and your firm’s view of intake and conversion needs to change too.

Our Team

At ICE, we believe that accountability is the key to achieving success. In order for us to be accountable to our clients, we must first be accountable to our intake staff. This requires us to ensure that our intake specialists are fully prepared and equipped to handle their responsibilities for our law firm clients. For that reason, training our staff appropriately and adequately is necessary to achieve the success we desire.

Our training is (and always will be) an ongoing process. It involves:

  • A comprehensive and continual ability of floor-coaching;
  • Mock intakes with managerial analyses;
  • Ensuring quality control through listening and critiquing calls;
  • Analysis and communication of key performance indicators;
  • Reinforcement of intake specialist strengths with the elimination of deficiencies with a positive work environment;
  • Communication of expectations;
  • Prioritizing relationship building with claimants;
  • Instructing our staff how to utilize best practices;And a host of other necessary techniques.Not only do we understand and appreciate that our goal is to put our law firm clients in the best position to convert claimants to clients; we welcome the responsibility.

Work For Us!

Intake Conversion Experts is always hiring intake enthusiasts to join our team. We are currently hiring for the following positions.

Intake Specialists

If you are interested in any of the open positions, please send your resume and cover letter to [email protected]