Regardless of the business you practice in, careless procedures and lack of resources will always lead to lost leads. And until recently, a lost lead was lost forever. That is no longer the case. With what we have created at Intake Conversion Experts (ICE), personal injury law firms now have the ability to revive leads that were once thought of as gone.
Whether you define a stale lead as someone who contacted your law firm and you were unable to get back in touch with or someone that you tried to retain but lost contact with, the reality is that personal injury law firms are doing a very poor job at maximizing the return on their investments. Since attorneys must completely rely on claimants contacting their offices in order to become retained, it is of utmost importance that they are certain that a claimant is no longer interested in their services before they cease all effort at qualification and retention.

What we have noticed with the many law firms that have outsourced their stale-lead follow up and retention to our company is that claimants are often distracted by other responsibilities and frequently mistakenly believe that their circumstances do not meet a law firm’s qualification criteria. And, therefore, they convey a lack of interest to proceed. What we have been able to do for some of the largest personal injury law firms in the country is retain thousands of cases that were previously thought of as “lost”. In essence, we have provided a new example of “found money”. And since you only pay us if we are successful in acquiring a retainer, there is virtually nothing to lose.
If you’re ready to learn how ICE can turn stale leads into signed retainers, contact us anytime at [email protected].