1. How did you hear about us today?
  • When you ask this question of a claimant, you are making it about your law firm. This is not about your law firm. This is about the claimant. Stop looking to massage your ego and get information to assess your marketing and start prioritizing the claimant.
  1. We’ll have an attorney call you back shortly.
  • Call backs are bad. Stay away from them. At all costs. If you can’t qualify a claimant on the first call, you might as well not pick up the call. A good intake department is prepared to qualify a claimant on the first call. Every. Single. Time.
  1. Did the other party have insurance?
  • Who cares?! And does this claimant really know? By asking this question, once again, you may decide not to accept a case due to what the claimant told you even though the claimant likely doesn’t know the answer to this question. Some questions are better asked after This is one of them.
  1. Did you get an estimate on the property damage?
  • I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen cases that seemed minor at the outset and turned out to be huge settlements. I also can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen law firms reject cases due to minor property damage (with real injuries). We are attorneys. Our job is to maximize recovery. Be careful about early rejections.
  1. When are you available to come into our office?
  • Claimants may not understand the urgency of moving forward with a law firm. By asking a claimant when they are available to come into the office gives them the ability to push off a meeting for days, if not weeks. It also gives other law firms every opportunity to swoop right in…

Intake is not for everyone. If you want to maximize your ROI, either do it right or think about asking the experts to assist (www.intake.law).