1. Not Listening To Your Staff On The Telephones
  • A wise man once said, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” This couldn’t ring truer for what goes on at Intake. If you’re not listening to your staff while on the telephone, you have no idea why they are losing cases on your behalf. Lots of times their mistakes are innocent. But without actually listening to them, you will have no idea what mistakes they are making… which means you can’t fix them.
  1. Not Responding To Web Leads Fast Enough
  • Intake is a game played by many and won by few. Claimants are faster, smarter and less patient than ever before. Your ability to respond to their inquiries is the single most important responsibility you have. Don’t mess it up due to inadequate resources or lack of priority.
  1. Giving Up Too Soon
  • People are busy. Period. We are all juggling many things in our lives. To assume that a claimant is no longer interested in our services because they haven’t returned our phone calls / emails / texts is throwing money away. Persistence wins. Always.
  1. Using The Wrong Qualification Criteria
  • Intake is not about acquiring retained clients who are certain to earn us an attorney’s fee. Intake is about acquiring retained clients who are likely to earn us an attorney’s fee. Think about it…
  1. Keeping Attorneys Away 
  • If you’re a claimant and you’ve called three law firms (and most do), and only ONE law firm puts an attorney on the phone, who do you think they’ll choose? Just sayin’…

Intake is not for everyone. If you want to maximize your ROI, either do it right or think about asking the experts to assist (www.intake.law).