Hear What Our Clients Have to Say About Intake Conversion Experts

“Our firm has always had a tremendous intake team that handles a large volume on a daily basis.  We knew that running a mass tort campaign would be very challenging for our staff who is already very busy with their normal daily activities.  Gary and his team at ICE helped us by offloading the follow up of older leads while also handling the intake of multiple mass torts campaigns for us.  They have been very successful in efficiently qualifying a claimant and getting them signed up.”

– Bob Gordon, Managing Partner

Gordon & Doner

“I’ve known Gary for a long time and always respected his understanding of the intake process.  When he approached me about his new company ICE and their ability to qualify and retain stale leads, I figured I had nothing to lose.  After two months, they were able to deliver over 100 retainers on prospective clients who previously contacted our office but whom we were not able to re-reach and retain.  We all but gave up on these potential cases.  I was extremely satisfied and pleased with the work of ICE. I highly recommend ICE to any law firm looking to improve their retention percentage.”

– Michael London, Managing Partner

Douglas & London

 “ICE has been fantastic.  We wanted to try ICE because we simply did not have the staff to chase down stale leads as we are consistently advertising and working to chase the most recent packets.  We decided to give them a try because it did not cost us anything unless they were successful in retaining any of our old leads.  Much to our surprise they were able to convert a significant number of stale leads to signed clients without us having to acquire additional internal help.  These were leads that we had written off, and it has only been a few weeks and more retainers keep coming.  It is a no-brainer since we only pay when they are successful.”

– Andee McGaughey, Director of Mass Torts

Brown & Crouppen

 “Mass Tort Nexus recommended I give ICE a shot at chasing about 1,000 “stale” mass tort leads that were left over from a TV campaign that had ended 6 months prior. I had nothing to lose so I turned ICE loose on it. So far ICE has converted 160 of those stale leads into retained clients, and they’re not even done yet. If your firm is having trouble converting leads for any reason, I would highly recommend giving the conversion experts at ICE a call!”

– Kyle Johnston, Managing Partner

Johnston Law Group

 “Even though ICE was new to the marketplace, I wanted to give them a shot because their services sounded intriguing and I trusted the guys behind it.  In just a couple of months, they have been able to touch base with a number of leads that we felt were dead, qualify them and get them signed up for my firm.”

– Michael Monheit, Managing Partner

Monheit Law

 “I have had a successful personal injury practice for a number of years.  Once I entered the mass tort space, I needed the infrastructure to handle a significant call volume.  ICE has filled that need and has supported me in building a wonderful client base.”

– Rod Dixon, Managing Partner

Dixon Davis

 “As a growing personal injury firm in California, I reached a point where the volume of potential clients went beyond my ability to follow up and retain in a timely manner.  I was referred to ICE, and since then, they have helped me tremendously with getting the potential claimants on the phone, qualifying them and signing them up on my paperwork based on my criteria.”

– Jonathan Kashani, Managing Partner

Kash Legal