Everyone knows that the shopping stops when the contract is signed. So how can law firms do a better job and convincing qualified leads to stop shopping and sign a contract? At ICE, we believe that doing a better job at conveying a sense of urgency for the claimant to act could result in significantly more clients.

There are many reasons why we want claimants to sign a retainer as fast as possible. Whether it’s because we know they’ll stop looking at our competitors, the fact that their statute of limitations may be approaching or because we want to provide notice to the defendants that this claimant means business, time is always of the essence at the intake stage.

So, then, why would we ever treat a new claimant as a window shopper who is “just looking.” Folks, if they’re contacting your office, they are interested. Period. And if you’re not conveying a sense of urgency to act, then don’t be upset if they choose one of your competitors.

Want to start signing more cases immediately? Be certain your staff, your answering service, your retention team and anyone else communicating with new leads understands the importance of conveying urgency on behalf of the claimant to act… and act NOW. It could mean the difference between a lost lead and a signed client.