• My mother was sick.
  • We moved.
  • I was on vacation.
  • They shut off my phone.
  • I wasn’t in the mood to talk about it.
  • I didn’t think I had a case.
  • Nobody returned my call.
  • I was waiting for my medical records.
  • I thought I needed to get my police report.

Reasonable Excuses – wouldn’t you say?! 

These are only some of the statements that our intake specialists have heard from claimants that law firms had previously given up on. We think you’d agree that every one of these statements (and many others) can be characterized as a reasonable excuse on behalf of the claimant for not being reachable. But at some point, aren’t we supposed to stop following up with someone if they’re unavailable?

Well, sure, we need to stop AT SOME POINT. But… How many of these claimants have a $100,000 claim? Or a $1,000,000 claim? Or more valuable? And shouldn’t we be doing everything in or power, including staying persistent in our follow-up attempts, to maximize our ROI?

Until recently, the overwhelming majority of law firms nationwide did not have the resources to continue the necessary follow-up. Rather, they would begin to focus on new leads. That is, until recently… 


With what we’ve created at ICE, you now have the ability to follow up on ALL leads (appropriately) without having to add employees to your staff. At ICE, we believe it prudent to err on the side of believing the claimant is still interested (even if they are unavailable) rather than erring on the side of assuming they have no interest.


Interested in learning how ICE can assist with the outsourcing of the follow up responsibility of your leads?

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