Resurrection of Leads

We Don’t Just Excel at Intake – We Expertly Follow Through with Leads

Methodical Lead to Client Conversion

Your law firm has the necessary knowledge and expertise needed to handle mass torts claims. However, your success is also highly dependent on one essential factor: converting leads into clients.

The attorney phone answering services of Intake Conversion Experts (ICE) have been developed around a precise formula to maximize lead retention for your law firm. This process involves quality control of lead intake, skilled lead to client conversion, and the final step in maximizing leads – pursuit and resurrection of leads.

As the premier attorney answering call service, we know the value of every single call that comes in. Your law firm has invested a lot into generating these potential clients, and we are here to help you keep their business.

The ICE Method Optimizes Lead Resurrections

Our experienced and professional Intake Conversion Experts go above and beyond to provide more than just traditional legal call center services. Our team members are trained to maintain contact with leads until they are ready to convert.

We know that you heavily invest into making sure every potential lead is accounted for. We maximize the number of potential clients through persistent contact, delivering quality customer service, and following through with signatures.

Skilled lead conversion takes diligence from the start. Given the high number of leads flooding in, potential clients can easily lose interest without follow up and follow through.

Converting leads is a complex formula in which direct results require persistence to deliver maximum client participation.

Intake Conversion Experts will provide the following service to make sure every lead is pursued and resurrected when necessary:

Hook Leads During Initial Connection

Rely on us and our powerful intake conversion technology to answer every call and begin the process of securing the lead. Our high-quality technology eliminates human error and gets every individual that calls the attention they deserve.

ICE asks the right questions depending on the criteria of your mass torts claim. We make sure that every lead gets the attention their inquiry deserves. We qualify potential clients and deliver them to you to begin the next steps of participating in a mass torts claim.

Deliver Informative Updates

Mass torts claims are sequential, investigative, and require clients to trust the process. At ICE, we believe every client deserves to be connected. We will be very clear on the progress of the claim and guide them through their necessary involvement as you direct us.

Providing relevant updates allows leads to feeling incorporated and involved in the claim. The last thing we want is for a lead to not feel connected. Part of intake conversion is making sure each potential client is informed, feels validated, and knows the position of their claim.

Part of our transparency is keeping open communication with your firm as well as ensuring we are able to aptly engage with clients as well.

Pursue & Resurrect Every Lead With Intention

One essential determinant of maximizing intake conversion is seeing every lead through. We know that your firm has so much responsibility already, that it may be a challenge to focus on following up with leads that slip by.

Our retention rates are so high because we do provide that immediate connection that is sustained throughout our conversion process. We make sure that every single lead is pursued with informative and reassuring contact. When connections with potential leads begin to weaken, we utilize specialized techniques and methods to bring these potential clients back into the funnel for conversion.

ICE gives every lead the voice they deserve.

There are no dead ends when you collaborate with ICE legal answering services. Our team members maintain a vibrant and lively connection throughout the entire process. We make sure to deliver compassionate attention to every lead’s concerns and questions.

ice team working

Resurrection of Leads Means Maximum Conversion: ICE Delivers Results

If your law firm wants to see a meaningful return of investments through maximizing the number of clients that can be served through the diligent work you put into your mass torts claims, the answer lies in lead retention and client conversion.

Every lead will be pursued with intention and the highest quality of customer service. Our Intake Conversion Experts will also take the necessary steps to resurrect leads and deliver quality candidates to your firm.

When you are ready to take your client conversion to the next level, then partnering with our legal intake conversion team is your best option. At Intake Conversion Experts, we will match your commitment to client service by resurrecting leads with purposeful intention.

If you would like to learn more about Intake Conversion Experts resurrection lead services or other services we offer, please call us at (855) WITH-ICE/(855) 948-4423.