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What Is Lead Conversion?

It’s critical to understand the distinction between lead conversion and lead generation. Lead generation involves targeting a key demographic and getting them to visit a law firm’s website, where they can be turned into leads. Lead conversion is the process of combining sales and marketing efforts to convert those leads into signed clients.

Leads go through multiple stages before they retain a lawyer’s services and become a paying client. These stages include:

  • Becoming a lead
  • Becoming a marketing-qualified lead (MQL)
  • Becoming a sales-qualified lead (SQL)

As a law firm, you must track these leads to ensure you meet every caller’s needs and take appropriate action to turn them into a signed client.

How to Create an Effective Lead Conversion Process

Determining the correct strategy to convert your leads into cases requires following these steps:

Create an Intake Team

Improving conversion rates means streamlining the intake process. If your firm receives hundreds of calls every day but only converts a few of them into paying clients, you waste a lot of time and money.

If you have one or several people fielding calls, you should consider creating an intake team. They should not be employees with additional responsibilities. A paralegal or another attorney already has a number of tasks to complete every day and likely won’t have enough time to manage calls from prospective clients effectively.

Your intake team should be solely responsible for answering calls and discussing cases with the callers. They should also always be available, including nights, weekends, and holidays.

Keeping your call center or intake department open only during regular business hours could prevent you from speaking with people that want to hire you. If they call and no one answers, they will likely move on to a competitor.

Respond to Inquiries Quickly

When a potential client calls a law firm, or anywhere else for that matter, they want to speak to a live person. If the phone continues to ring into the abyss, or they’re forced to leave a message, they might end up calling other firms until they find someone to talk to about their needs.

Your intake employees should answer calls from leads after one or two rings. You should never rely on voicemail to respond to inquiries. You could also set up digital services so potential clients can communicate with you through a live chat feature any time of the day.

Follow up immediately if you receive messages through social media, email, or an online contact form. Waiting days or even hours before responding could cause you to miss out on a new client. Be sure your intake team follows up with every contact immediately after receiving the inquiry.

Hire Knowledgeable Employees

When you set up a call center or intake department in your offices, the people you hire to handle the calls should understand the services you provide and how to answer questions from potential clients.

That means they must be able to differentiate between clients you can represent and clients that should look elsewhere for the services they need.

Intake employees should also provide relevant information regarding the case the caller wants to pursue. If the caller asks questions about the legal process, the intake specialist should have basic knowledge about how your firm can assist them with their case. A prospective client might look for a different firm if the person they’re speaking to seems inexperienced or lacking in knowledge about your services.

Train Your Intake Professionals to Show Compassion

A prospective client wants to feel like the person they’re speaking to understands them. Your intake team should treat your callers with respect and compassion. No matter what legal matter your leads face, they likely feel overwhelmed and stressed about the process of searching for the right lawyer to hire.

It’s critical that your intake employees are not only professional but also supportive and assuring to the person on the other end of the call. They should remain engaged, ask the right questions, and provide undivided attention.

Use the Right Persuasion Techniques

You could increase lead conversion by offering incentives to your leads. For example, some law firms provide an initial consultation free of charge. Others send free e-books and other helpful information potential clients might need.

You can also structure your website to highlight the charities you often contribute to and testimonials from previous clients. People typically only hire lawyers they trust and like. If your website is uninformative and your legal team seems uptight or only interested in making money, your leads will likely continue researching other firms.

Use a Convenient Intake Process

People living in the digital age like instant results. If a lead wants to retain your legal services, they probably don’t want to wait long before you can start to work on their case. Instead of sending paperwork through regular mail, use a quicker option.

If you don’t utilize a convenient method of sending a potential client the contracts they need to sign, they could become impatient and change their mind about hiring you.

The intake process should be straightforward and quick. That means you should consider using an email or text message with a link to the forms a new client can electronically sign and send back to you right away.

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