New York City Legal Intake and Phone Answering Service

Answering services with intake conversion capabilities increase the productivity and bill rate of your law firm, but all services are not created equal. Intake Conversion Experts offers live services that will answer your calls, track and generate leads, and successfully convert leads into signed retainers. This process reclaims time that legal professionals would otherwise spend on administrative tasks and creates more time for billable hours or profit-generating activity. Call Intake Conversion Experts today at (855) 948-4423 to discuss how to get started with our progressive legal intake and answering service offerings.

Why Do I Need Intake Conversion?

The need for an answering service for your New York-based law firm is a given, but if you want to escalate the rate with which you build your practice, intake conversion must be a part of your answering service package. This is the difference between potential leads and truly qualified leads who are vetted with a tested methodology that produces proven client conversion. Without intake conversion, your answering service lead volume may be high but leads that lack quality will fall short of your goals.

Perhaps the most important reason to use lead conversion is your bottom line. In an industry where success is primarily driven by billable hours, the ability to outsource administrative tasks can make significant impact on your firm’s profit margins. Time is money, and while this requires no explanation to legal professionals who bill in minute increments, areas- including answering services and client conversion, where billable hours can be offset, are worth exploring.

Here in New York, the population in Manhattan and the surrounding Burroughs all but guarantees that a law firm with substantial advertising will get calls, and with lead conversion, you can make sure they are the right kinds of calls for your practice.

Why Choose Intake Conversion Experts?

At Intake Conversion Experts, our average conversion rate is between 70-80%, while the overall industry average only operates at 50-60%. Our success is due largely in part to the principles we apply in the conversion process, which we have gathered from business leaders across successful industries. By applying business practices that transcend individual fields of business, Intake Conversion Experts can maximize our clients’ return on investment by strategically converting new leads in record time. We also have policies in place that provide for follow-ups with stale leads, which can ultimately yield a conversion or can disqualify them to not waste your valuable time.

Intake Conversion Experts was established in a collaboration between successful lawyers, legal business management professionals, tech developers, and executives in the sales and marketing field. Combining these different spheres of business experience has cultivated a team of professionals with a heightened understanding of intake and the expertise to put successful methods into operation for your firm. Because we deeply understand what it takes to convert legal clients, we apply time tested principles in training our staff to deliver results for you.

In a competitive legal marketplace, Intake Conversion Experts provides timely and efficient services that will help you convert and retain clients in less time. We achieve measurable results for your firm because our team offers answering services at all times, including on weekends and holidays. Statistically, potential clients are more likely to call on these days because they are off work, yet most answering services take weekends and holidays off work too. Research shows that potential leads who are left to voicemail are 33% more likely to hang up and be lost.

At Intake Conversion Experts, we only focus on intake and client conversion. This is what we do best; we respond to leads quickly, appropriately and with the level of knowledge it takes to properly inform a potential lead of your services and ability to help them with their claim. The result is a rate of lead conversion significantly higher than the industry average. We stick to a fee only for the services that we provide.

This means that we do not share in attorney’s fees, and we do not charge our clients per lead. Your firm only pays Intake Conversion Experts, if we are successful in signing retainers on your behalf. This incentivizes our team to do what we do best, leaving you to advocate for more new clients in the competitive New York City legal market.

Finding An Answering Service and Intake Conversion That Works Best For Your NYC Law Firm

Besides qualifying callers, intake conversion serves to heighten the opinions that future clients build about your firm. A basic answering service simply takes a name, contact information, and short message regarding the nature of the call. When a potential client calls your law firm, they likely intend to get information from a qualified attorney.

As legal professionals, we know that this is rarely the case, but intake conversion can provide the next best thing. Intake conversion takes the capabilities of an answering service a step further, by asking the potential client a list of questions that you help to create based on the topic of their call.  When intake conversion experts pose these questions to callers, the caller begins to feel validated, understood, and comfortable with your firm – – before ever speaking to an attorney.

Proper intake conversion practices mean an increase in signed retainers for your law firm. By applying the systematic work-flow practices, we offer, your New York City law firm will see a nearly instantaneous improvement in lead follow-up and subsequent conversion. At Intake Conversion Experts, our lead follow-up practices are legendary for the results we deliver. In just a few years, we have trained a team of customer service professionals in how to best identify quality leads and to treat them with the level of customer service that will achieve signed retainers.

The best type of lead conversion that you can hope for is one that approaches the whole client and tailors the style of sales technique that will best work towards each individually qualified lead. Each caller is slightly different, and when a customer service agent interacts with them in a meaningful fashion, you have the highest probability of conversion.

The customer service professionals at Intake Conversion Experts can think quickly during every call as they capture the unique essence of each caller. Our specialists actively listen and answer questions that clients have because our customer service team is trained on the specific types of claims you seek for your firm. This level of personalization takes away the sterile nature found from most answering services and ultimately leads to higher-yielding conversions.

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How We Work

Your New York City law firm undoubtedly offers many options to potential clients for communication, and at Intake Conversion Experts, we can handle all communication channels to give you a 360-degree reach towards those leads. This will include follow-ups with web-leads, internet chats and missed calls or hang-ups. This offers communication to your potential clients in the way that they prefer, making a potentially intimidating legal process as approachable as possible. The reach of your answering service and conversion team should be equally as accommodating, and Intake Conversion Experts can step in seamlessly to increase your conversion rates with follow-up approaches that pay.

Technological advances are all around us in the legal industry, and the capabilities of your answering service and lead conversion team should be no different. At Intake Conversion Experts, we apply a custom software system to track leads, establish the most effective follow-up timelines, and effectively track communications so that all intake and outreach are given optimal chances for success. Our technology is only as good as a user’s ability to use it, which is why all Intake Conversion Experts customer service team members are fully trained and competent with the tools that will increase the rate of signed retainers for your NYC law firm.

Why Your Firm Needs More Than An Answering Service

Are you still wondering if your law firm needs the additional services that Intake Conversion Experts provides? If you are like most law firms, then you have spent a significant amount of time and money obtaining leads. You will benefit greatly when calls from leads are responded to promptly and appropriately and when claimants are signed as soon as they are qualified.

Each phone call represents a potential case that could earn your law firm a considerable amount in attorney’s fees. Studies show that most claimants will hang up on calls that are not answered within a certain period, however, and many clients drop relations with law firms because of a lack of communication and inability to reach the firm.

At Intake Conversion Experts, we can help you prevent firm abandonment with our renowned attorney answering services. Many law firms that already have a reception or intake staff also implement the services of Intake Conversion Experts for support to their law firm during those times when their reception/ intake staff is busy with other important responsibilities.

To meet and exceed your law firm’s needs, the specialists at Intake Conversion Experts answer calls professionally, yet personally. Personalizing the customer’s experience is an excellent opportunity to establish brand loyalty. Intake Conversion Experts specialists achieve this personal touch for each client by instantly accessing detailed information about their upcoming appointments, past problems, or services.

At Intake Conversion Experts, our specialists go beyond simply answering the phone. We understand that effective legal intake and lead conversion, in combination with a high-quality phone answering experience, is critical to getting ahead in today’s competitive legal marketplace.  Our services are scalable to your needs: we can be an extension of your intake department or handle your firm’s intake operation entirely. Additionally, Intake Conversion Experts can also qualify claimants and retain your leads based on your requirements.

Whether you need to boost your firm’s reputation, draw in leads, reach potential clients, schedule and confirm appointments, or process orders, our legal intake and phone answering services will help you maximize your communications with claimants.

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At Intake Conversion Experts, we save you money by offering a retention program that only charges you when a claimant signs a retainer. We do not intend to share in the attorney’s fees, and there is never an additional cost for the number of intakes or time on the phone.

If you need the infrastructure to accommodate increasing call volume, and you would like to learn more about Intake Conversion Expert’s services, including legal intake, phone answering, and other services, please call us at (855) 948-4423 today.