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Truvada Campaign Lead Retention and Follow-up Service

Many patients who take Truvada and similar tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF) HIV-prevention medications under different names are suing the drug producer Gilead Sciences, Inc. TDF drugs are also sold under the names Atripla, Complera, Stribild, and Symfi-Lo among other lesser-known brands.

Lawsuits allege that the company sold these Truvada drugs even though they knew this medication leads to kidney and bone toxicity. Moreover, these lawsuits claim that although Gilead had begun to develop a less toxic form of the drug, the company continued to sell the more toxic TDF drugs to maintain a monopoly while they held the patent and to make a fortune.

Now many former Truvada patients are seeking compensation and justice. In May 2018, two men in California sued Gilead on these grounds, and others who may have been affected by the drug’s toxicity will inevitably continue to file lawsuits.

For example, 41 patients across more than ten states filed personal injury reports in April 2019 alone. While your legal team may be experienced and well-equipped to deal with cases in mass tort litigation, it’s often difficult to address every single potential client. This is especially true when news breaks and you receive a flood of calls seeking legal advice.

If you’re unprepared and unable to address every call, you may lose potential clients. That might mean losing millions of dollars.

At ICE, we can answer your calls and retain clients, striving to ensure that your mass tort Truvada campaign will be as successful as possible. Because of our robust infrastructure, technology, and experience, you can trust us to provide excellent intake services. Unlike a small law firm, we can efficiently and effectively handle the sheer volume that mass tort litigation requires.

If your firm is interested in our superb conversion and retention services for mass tort campaigns, call us today at (855) WITH-ICE.

The Importance of Lead Conversion and Retention in Mass Tort Campaigns

We work with some of the best law firms in the United States. But even great law firms that have an amazing and dedicated staff of attorneys, legal assistants, and paralegals cannot possibly address all the potential clients who call in. However, screening, converting, and retaining all qualified clients is essential for any successful mass tort campaign.

If you and your firm try to handle a mass tort campaign on your own, you may be overwhelmed by the large volume of calls. Not only will you not be able to address every potential plaintiff, but it also takes valuable time and money to discern whether many of these claims are valid. What’s more, you and your firm may not have the resources for such a time-consuming endeavor.

At ICE, we are experts at intake conversion and retention. We work to increase your firm’s efficiency and productivity by answering the phones, retaining clients, and following up so that you run the best Truvada mass tort campaign possible.

Why Choose Us?

Our administrative team combines decades of legal experience with a profound understanding of business and marketing. Not only have members of our team worked in law, but they also have technology and sales skills that will take any law firm to the next level.

Take Gary P. Falkowitz, for example. Gary was a Managing Attorney at one of America’s largest personal injury law firms and is now a Principal Consultant at Maximum Intake Consulting. That means Gary brings both his practical legal experience and consulting experience to the table.

It’s also important to point out that [firm-name] is not simply an answering service. Beyond being effective communicators handling calls and chats, we work to ensure follow-up calls on lost leads and missed calls. [firm-name] doesn’t outsource our work to different countries. All of our agents, some of whom are bilingual, work out of Long Island, New York.

In short, we increase our clients’ profitability by working to ensure that every qualified plaintiff and every potential customer is addressed and retained. If you want to increase your law firm’s mass tort business with ICE’s excellent retention team, call us now at (855) WITH-ICE.

Truvada Lead Conversion and Retention Cases

With our experienced intake specialists who are available no matter when a client calls, we provide a variety of important lead conversion and retention services. Our services include:

  • Answering Calls: Our team of intake experts is bilingual and knows how to secure potential clients. That means we hire only the most competent phone operators. They are smart and empathetic communicators with proven customer service experience. So, whether it’s day or night, someone you know you can trust will answer the phone.
  • Screening Potential Clients: Not everyone who calls in will be an eligible client. That’s why our team works to screen callers in order to make sure that you only deal with eligible claimants. This is especially important for high-profile, well-publicized cases like Truvada that come with a high volume of potential claimants.
  • Retaining Clients: Thanks to our understanding of sales and technology, we work immediately to retain eligible claimants. With our e-sign technology, we can sign claimants on your behalf, converting a lead to a client within minutes.
  • Follow-Ups: Whether they contact your firm online or by phone, we make certain that we follow up with all potential clients. This is essential to any successful retention operation since if you don’t follow up, you may lose hundreds of potentially eligible claimants. And that means losing a lot of business and a lot of revenue.
  • Reconnecting with Lost Leads: We make sure to follow up on lost leads, reconnecting and updating clients who you may have lost contact with in the past. This maximizes your potential client pool for mass tort litigation.
  • Internet Chats:Some claimants might find it easier to reach out online. Likewise, a potential client may just want more information. That’s why we offer 24/7 internet cha to cover all avenues of communication.

Help Clients Who are Suffering from Gilead Science Inc.’s Truvada Side Effects

If your firm is looking to start a Truvada mass tort campaign, it’s important to identify and understand the type of cases you might receive. Potential plaintiffs calling about potential lawsuits will most likely have suffered the following side effects from Truvada:


  • Osteoporosis: Osteoporosis weakens bones so much so that even coughing can cause bones to break. Symptoms include back pain, changes in posture, and bone fractures that occur from what seems like only mild trauma.
  • Osteopenia: While less severe than osteoporosis, a patient with osteopenia also has weaker bones. Because osteopenia is an earlier stage of osteoporosis, patients might not present with any symptoms, though back pain might indicate a collapsed or fractured vertebra.


  • Kidney Failure: Kidney failure is an advanced form of kidney disease. If you have kidneys that cannot properly clean your blood, your body may fill with toxins, which is life-threatening. Symptoms of kidney failure include reduced urination, shortness of breath, swelling caused by fluid retention, and seizures.
  • Kidney Disease: If you have kidney disease, your kidneys are not working properly and cannot filter your blood. Truvada may cause chronic kidney disease with symptoms including nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, fatigue, and sleep problems.


  • Impaired Liver Function: The liver is responsible for removing toxins from the body. When liver function is impaired, other serious physiological problems can occur, with some being fatal. Toxins, particularly ammonia, can start accumulating in the brain and can lead to a condition known as hepatic encephalopathy, which significantly affects cognitive functioning. Blood pooling, easy bruising, fluid retention (ankles and stomach), and esophageal varices (swollen veins, which can spontaneously bleed and lead to death) are also common symptoms of liver impairment.

Mental Health

  • Depression: It may be that depression is an actual side effect of Truvada or that depression occurs because of the other serious side effects that Truvada usage has been linked with. In either case, depression is a debilitating mental health disease that can negatively affect the quality of life and, in very severe occurrences, can lead to suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts, or suicides.

Let ICE Take the Calls for You

With thousands of potential Truvada mass tort clients waiting to call, you have to be ready to screen, convert, and retain potential claimants. But most of the time, a team of legal assistants won’t cut it and you may lose clients.

If you want to see real results and maximize client volume, work with us at ICE. Unlike traditional call centers, we have real-world experience with mass tort conversion and retention cases, and we have a first-rate team of domestic customer service employees who know how to turn callers into clients.

Call us today at (855) WITH-ICE to see how we can help you with your Truvada mass tort retention campaign.