In 1996, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Taxotere to treat breast cancer. Sanofi-Aventis manufactured the drug for use during chemotherapy treatment. It works by attacking and shrinking cancer cells to prevent them from spreading to other parts of the body.

The popular chemo drug can also treat prostate cancer, lung cancer, neck cancer, head cancer, and stomach cancer. Patients receive it intravenously once a week, once every other week, or once every three weeks.

Unfortunately, studies have shown a link between Taxotere and two permanent medical conditions – alopecia and Canalicular Stenosis.

Medical researchers discovered an adverse reaction between the secretions in the chemo drug and a person’s tears as it travels through the body. Canalicular Stenosis develops from the interaction between Taxotere secretions and a person’s tears. Alopecia results from permanent damage to the hair follicles that occurs when the chemo drug attacks multiplying cells it has mistaken for cancer cells.

Cancer patients and survivors have been reaching out to law firms to pursue lawsuits against Sanofi-Aventis for the harm they suffered. They face costly medical treatment, lost wages, and additional losses due to the manufacturer’s failure to warn the FDA and patients of the harmful effects of its drug.

Plaintiffs need experienced and qualified lawyers to represent them in their cases. Although you might have the resources to provide the necessary legal services, you might not have an adequate intake process. Generating new leads and taking calls from prospective clients isn’t enough to increase your revenue. You need to know how to handle these inquiries and convert leads into paying clients.

The mass tort campaign retention specialists of Intake Conversion Experts provide the lead retention and follow-up services your firm needs to handle your call volume and retain new clients. It can be overwhelming to take on this responsibility on your own. Even if you have employees to answer calls all day, they might not have the experience to screen every caller and complete the intake process effectively.

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Why You Should Outsource Your Intake Service

It can be a challenge to take on the task of client intake and retention along with your other responsibilities. A prospective client can call you any time, day or night. If your intake team also works on current cases and manages other tasks, your firm could lose a lead because the caller can’t get a live person on the phone.

Your legal team is likely handling multiple Taxotere lawsuits for your current clients. Their heavy workloads prevent them from answering every incoming call. If you outsource the intake process to Intake Conversion Experts, our intake professionals can provide your prospective clients with the time and attention they deserve.

We know how to handle every step, from answering the first call to signing the client. Every caller will receive personalized customer service, leaving a lasting impression that makes them want to hire you.

Lead retention is critical in increasing your client base and revenue for your firm. However, not all callers qualify for a Taxotere mass tort case. Some prospective clients might not even be interested in the specific services you offer. That’s why it’s important to have a knowledgeable intake team to screen every incoming call. We know the right questions to ask to ensure your firm can take the lead’s case, so we don’t waste anyone’s time.

Services Intake Conversion Experts Offers to Law Firms

Law firms will spend thousands of dollars on marketing and advertising to gain new business. You might have an effective ad campaign generating new leads, but it won’t increase your client list if you don’t have an effective retention and follow-up service to go along with it.

Intake Conversion Experts offers comprehensive services for your Taxotere mass tort campaign, such as:

Answering Calls

We will answer every incoming call from potential clients. Our team of professionals is available 24/7, so callers can reach us at night, on weekends, and even during holidays. Most people want to speak with a live person the first time they call. They don’t want to wait for a callback to discuss their case. If your intake team is only available during regular office hours, you will lose clients to firms with 24/7 availability.

Following Up with Leads

Our intake team can follow up with your leads. Sometimes, prospective clients don’t want to sign with the first firm they talk to. They might want to shop around and speak to multiple lawyers to determine who they want to hire. However, if they don’t receive any follow-up communication from you after the initial call, they will likely retain legal services from someone else.

We will regularly follow up with every lead, so your firm stays in their mind when they’re ready to make a decision. We can also respond to online inquiries and live chat requests.

Qualifying Clients

It’s necessary to screen every caller before forwarding them to your firm. Otherwise, you end up talking to clients interested in services you don’t provide. We know all the right questions to ask and information to obtain to ensure the caller qualifies for a Taxotere mass tort lawsuit.

Retaining Clients

Once we determine that a caller is eligible to pursue a Taxotere lawsuit with your firm, we can proceed with signing them up over the phone if they want to hire you. We provide quality customer service to every person, so they will feel like they can trust you to handle their case.

It’s much easier for someone to consult multiple firms if they aren’t carefully taken through a convenient intake process. We can retain new clients on your behalf by submitting contracts through email or via text so they can sign electronically.

Let Intake Conversion Experts Handle Your Taxotere Mass Tort Intake

If you want to retain more clients for your Taxotere mass tort campaign, do not hesitate to contact Intake Conversion Experts. We’re available 24/7 to speak with you about your lead retention and follow-up service needs.

Our team of specialists can handle every aspect of the intake process or the areas in which you need the most support. You can customize our services to match your needs.

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