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Roundup Campaign Lead Retention and Follow-up Service

Nearly 18,500 plaintiffs have filed lawsuits against agrochemical and agricultural company, Monsanto. 

These lawsuits claim that Monsanto had known for years about the severe risks associated with the use of their Roundup products but failed to inform the public. Plaintiffs are arguing that frequent use of Roundup led to them developing non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL).

Now, more than ever, individuals who have suffered the effects of persistent Roundup use are seeking the assistance of knowledgeable and reputable litigators to pursue justice against Monsanto. Law firms that are equipped with the experience and knowledge to take on these mass torts claims are stepping forward to assist individuals who wish to file claims against the agrochemical and biotech corporation.

However, while these legal teams may be adept at handling the various components of mass tort litigation, with the sheer amount of inquiries coming into their offices, it may be a challenge to retain and follow-up with all leads. 

This is undoubtedly one of the most crucial steps in successfully operating a mass tort Roundup campaign. Without the proper systems and conversion team in place, your law firm could be losing out on clients, and potentially, millions of dollars.

At Intake Conversion Experts (ICE), we know how hard your team of Roundup mass tort litigators is working to make your services available to those who need them most. In an effort to help you reap maximum profits for your hard work, we extend our outsourced legal call services to you to help secure and retain qualified plaintiffs.

At ICE, we specialize in providing quality legal intake services and have the necessary infrastructure to convert qualified leads into clients. If you seek to retain qualified plaintiffs for your Roundup mass torts claim, contact our intake conversion specialists to increase the profitability of your efforts.

Give ICE a call at (855) 629-8774 or contact us online now to get started on implementing more efficient intake conversion methods that will help you improve your Roundup mass tort litigation efforts.

The Importance of Lead Conversion and Retention in Mass Tort Campaigns

No matter how hardworking and diligent your team of legal assistants, paralegals, and junior associates are in their operations, your team’s financial success is largely dependent on the total number of clients your firm can secure and retain. The end goal of any law firm is to help clients secure compensation from the parties that have caused them harm, in this case, Monsanto. In turn, your client’s success becomes your success, in terms of both financial benefit and reputation.

However, before your mass tort law firm can begin delivering dependable results, there must be an efficient method of screening, converting, and retaining qualified claimants. Roundup mass tort campaigns generate a lot of attention and the amount of work necessary to give each potential plaintiff adequate and consistent care can be overwhelming.

We do not expect your firm to be experts in intake conversion and retention, and that is why we are here to help take your agency to the next level. Our outsourced legal retention and follow-up services are as integrated and involved with your firm’s current legal processes as you need them to be.

The Intake Conversion Experts are highly cooperative and open to communicating your law firm’s needs. ICE prioritizes how our services can best enhance your firm’s productivity, so you may give input and make adjustments where you see fit.

ICE’s Approach To Roundup Mass Tort Campaign Conversion and Lead Retention

If your law firm is not seeing a return from marketing and campaign efforts, then you may begin to suffer financially. In order to prevent such devastating financial effects, it is essential to have a precise and dependable retention and follow-up system in place. 

Mass torts law firms pour thousands of dollars into advertisements, but if they lack the capacity to give every potential plaintiff the attention and answers they need, then the firm will not be able to maximize the number of qualified clients that they retain.

Once mass torts leads are generated by a marketing campaign, law firms must ensure that each potential plaintiff is screened, qualified, and converted to a plaintiff.

But this is only possible with follow-up and retention. Potential clients may require multiple meetings, calls, or instances of communication to determine if they want to choose your law firm. This is especially true for informed individuals who want to speak with multiple Roundup lawyers before making a decision.

If you are not following up with these individuals, rest assured that your competitors are. And it is in this process where they are able to retain these clients.

In order to retain qualified plaintiffs, their questions and concerns must be addressed in a timely and effective manner. When handling a mass torts claim, offering personalized attention to each and every inquiring lead can be a challenge, this is why outsourcing your intake efforts can be a boon for your law firm. With intake assistance from our experienced staff, we will ensure that each potential plaintiff is cared for and their business retained throughout the entirety of the legal process.

Intake Conversion Experts offer the following services to maximize follow-up and retention for Roundup mass tort campaigns:

  1. ICE answers the calls. Equipped with a team of highly trained intake-call specialists, we never miss a call from a potential plaintiff. Plus, we not only are able to provide phone answering services but we also can follow-up with web leads and Internet chats. 
  2. ICE qualifies the claimant. Not every call that comes in is a qualified client. Our employees strategically work to identify those that are eligible and send them your way.
  3. ICE retains the client for you. Potential plaintiffs deserve attention and quality customer service throughout the entire process. We know how to answer questions in a way that makes potential plaintiffs feel cared for. Electronic signature is our most efficient way of signing clients.
  4. Lead follow-up. In a Roundup mass torts claim, potential plaintiffs may have concerns over how their situation will be handled, when they should expect compensation, and so on. We will follow-up with potential plaintiffs by answering questions, addressing their concerns, and provide follow-up rounds of communication on any Roundup updates that you give us.
  5. Resurrection of leads. It is our mission to ensure that every lead has the chance to be a potential plaintiff. We will show each lead our concern for their situation and encourage their legal pursuits. Rest assured that our staff members are adequately trained to resurrect leads without coming off heavy-handed.
  6. Transparency. Your participation is highly supported and encouraged by ICE. We provide the utmost transparency in our operations and provide you with full access to calls and customization of intake services as they best suit your firm.

Roundup Mass Tort Litigation In Demand More Than Ever

Bayer AG subsidiary, Monsanto, now faces more than 18,000 claims nationwide. As Monsanto’s Roundup product has been used for decades in the agricultural and floral industries, including personal consumer use, our intake conversion experts have a solid understanding of the individuals who have been most affected by the product’s life-threatening side effects.

This dangerous herbicide was most commonly used by:

  • Farmworkers
  • Landscapers
  • Nursery employees
  • Groundskeepers
  • Garden center employees
  • Individuals who tended personal/community gardens

Families and individuals who lived close to large commercial properties and farms where Roundup herbicides were frequently used could also be susceptible to the damages caused by the product.

With thousands of individuals potentially at risk of developing NHL or other forms of cancer as a result of using Roundup, it is essential that they obtain the quality legal counseling they need to right the wrongs done against them.

As more news breaks about the verdicts and payouts to victims of exposure, the workload for Roundup attorneys will likely remain persistent.

Let us handle your follow-up and retention efforts. We will provide the quality attention potential clients deserve while also providing them with the necessary information and support to keep them on board with your agency.

Focus on what you do best – delivering quality legal results – while we focus on helping you grow your law firm. 

Let ICE Help You Reach Your Goals and New Levels of Success

If you want to stand out as a reputable and experienced Roundup mass tort law firm, then let ICE work to polish your intake conversion process by focusing on retention and the follow-up of leads.

Your Roundup mass tort law firm will stand out in performance and client service when you outsource your lead intake with ICE. If you wish to see an increase of profitability for your law firm while reducing the stress of intake conversion, contact the Intake Conversion Experts now.

Together we can maximize the number of cancer victims that are able to secure compensation and justice from their Roundup claim!

Take your intake infrastructure to the next level by calling us at (855) 629-8774 or contacting us online now.