Paraguard IUD

Paraguard IUD Lawsuit Retention Campaigns

The intake department is a vital part of any mass tort law firm. They are responsible for making a great first impression and answering any questions the potential client has. If the team is understaffed or uneducated about the kinds of cases you can take on, you could lose the opportunity of earning additional legal fees. The intake professionals at [firm-name] are highly trained and knowledgeable in Paraguard IUD lawsuit retention campaigns. When a potential client calls us, we will provide them with all the information they need to ensure they will want to retain your legal services. We know how to effectively seek out new leads to add to your client list.

We have the experience and skills to secure quality clients for you. We use technologically innovative techniques that ensure you won’t lose a potential claim. We understand your team of paralegals, associates, and support staff is busy handling their workload. With the constant bombardment of responsibilities, you need peace of mind knowing your intake staff won’t allow anything to fall through the cracks. The mass tort claims retention specialists of Intake Conversion Experts are here 24/7 to take potential clients’ calls, so you won’t miss out on working with a potential client.

What We Can Do For You

At Intake Conversion Experts, our team members know the ins and outs of intakes for Paraguard IUD lawsuits. When a prospective client calls our center, someone will always be there to answer. Being open every day of the year guarantees we won’t ignore any call or online inquiry. We treat everyone we speak to with the utmost respect and professionalism. We must treat every new lead we find like they are a priority. We make sure to give them the time and attention they deserve, so they feel completely comfortable speaking to us. During the call, we will ask relevant questions and obtain the details of their claim we’ll need to ensure you can help them. We believe providing superior customer service is the first step to securing new clients for mass tort law firms. First impressions are essential. Our services intend to show new leads that your firm is dependable and can provide the legal services they need. We’re well-staffed, so every individual who calls us will receive the attention they deserve.

Every person we speak with might not qualify as a claimant for Paraguard IUD lawsuits. We make sure to find out the critical information we need to determine who can move forward with their claim and retain your firm’s services. It’s our goal only to provide you with quality clients, so your time isn’t wasted on individuals who don’t have a solid case. When we’re speaking with someone who would make the perfect plaintiff for you, we make sure to retain them so they won’t want to seek representation elsewhere.

We understand that some firms are small and don’t have the resources to respond to every lead we provide. That’s why we’re here. We specialize in intake conversion so you have the opportunity to build your pool of clients. People are busy living their lives and fulfilling their daily responsibilities. Needing to stop by your office to sign a retainer won’t become an inconvenience for anyone who calls us. Our electronic signing technology ensures the highest retention rate possible. It’s important to us that by the end of the call, the potential client doesn’t want to speak with any other firm. We make it our goal to secure them for you before we hang up, so they don’t have time to think about going to anyone else.

When you hire us, we will give you access to all of the calls we take so you can decide which parts of the intake process will benefit you. We will assist with whatever you believe is necessary for your success. We value and encourage our clients to participate in every aspect of our processes. We understand the importance of ensuring your intake department is entirely transparent, so you see how we operate and can feel confident knowing everything runs smoothly.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Intake Services

The team at Intake Conversion Experts bring years of experience in plaintiff law firm procedures and legal technology. They consult with law firms around the country to improve intake services and increase conversion percentages. We understand the need for any mass tort law firm to have an intake department they can count on throughout the year. The legal field is highly competitive and fast-paced. If you wait too long to call someone back, they will likely have already found another law firm to represent them in their claim. You have to be efficient and on your game at all times.

Our team is involved in extensive training when they’re first hired and throughout their career with us. We believe our services have to grow and keep up with the changing world around us. For example, technology has taken over our lives. That’s why our Live Chat feature is vital to retrieving leads. Not everyone feels comfortable discussing his or her claim over the phone.

The training our team members must go through includes the following:

  • Floor-coaching
  • Mock intakes with analysis by the managerial staff
  • Quality control by listening to all calls and offering critiques
  • Review of important performance indicators
  • A positive work environment that reinforces specialists strengths
  • Expectations required of each intake professional
  • Building strong relationships with claimants

With our comprehensive training, we ensure the clients we work with have the best opportunities to turn potential calls into fully retained clients.

What If I Already Have An Intake Team?

We can focus on providing backup to your intake center when they’re too busy to take every call. Most people will hang up if their call doesn’t get answered after a certain number of rings. We don’t want you to miss out on a potential client or develop a reputation as the type of firm that never answers the phone. With our services, we can forward unanswered calls to our office to ensure a live person handles all potential clients, existing clients, or other calls to your firm.

The difference between a successful law firm and an unsuccessful law firm often comes down to the efficiency of their intake. If people don’t have the opportunity to speak with a live person or receive a callback promptly, they will likely take their case elsewhere. Plaintiffs in Paraguard IUD lawsuits want to hire an attorney and get their claim resolved quickly. If they can’t get a hold of you, their basic need for efficiency won’t get met. The intake professionals at Intake Conversion Experts aims to provide an unmatched level of service, so we speak with every lead. We can assist your current intake agents with answering calls and chats, following up on leads, and signing new cases.

Why You Should Choose Us

No one wants to waste their resources on call center services that are unfamiliar with your business and practice areas. We train our agents in how to speak with potential plaintiffs about Paraguard IUD lawsuit claims. We won’t provide them with generic answers that don’t explain how your firm can help them. We use our experience to gather the details that are necessary to review their situation and provide them with some guidance. Unlike other call centers that only take down the caller’s name and phone number, we use our training to sort through individuals we can retain for you and those who aren’t serious about moving forward with their case.

We have intake specialists who are bilingual so you can retain an entirely new demographic that will grow your firm. With our live chat service, we can communicate with potentials on your website any time of day, any day of the week. We will be sure to follow the guidelines you provide for us so the leads we send your way meet your requirements. Unlike other intake centers, we don’t charge by the hour. You will only have to pay for each qualified lead we send your way after our initial set up fee.

Call Intake Conversion Experts Today

Call us at 855-WITH-ICE right now and let us provide you with a team of call center intake and lead conversion specialists you need. We’re available 24/7 to answer any questions you have and get you set up with our services. We’ll be happy to discuss your individual needs to match you with intake specialists you can trust. When you speak with us, we’ll listen to the areas of a call center that are most important to you and customize a procedure that best fits your requirements.

You can rest assured knowing your intake team will get the job done. We work hard for our clients so they can focus on their daily tasks. Whether your mass tort firm is big or small, we have the resources to help you. Contact us today to find out how we can maximize your efficiency and help you get more Paraguard IUD cases in the door.