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Juul Lawsuit Campaign Lead Retention and Follow-up Service

E-cigarettes have come under fire after an outbreak of vaping-related lung injuries struck the nation, leading to nearly 50 e-cigarette related deaths. The Center for Disease Control points to vitamin E acetate as the likely cause of the more than 2,000 lung injury cases reported as of November 2019.

Beyond e-cigarettes’ allegedly harmful ingredients, school districts and states across the country are filing mass tort and class action lawsuits against one of vaping’s biggest brands, Juul Labs Incorporated, for intentionally marketing to minors. Juul, which made up more than 70 percent of the vaping market in July 2019, is also under legal attack from one of its former executives who alleges that Juul shipped one million contaminated vaping pods.

The recent outbreak of e-cigarette related deaths and injuries has inevitably led to a growing number of lawsuits, especially against Juul. With millions of adults vaping regularly, individuals seeking justice for marketing to minors or the many negative health effects will only continue to rise.

While we don’t doubt that you have an excellent legal team with decades of combined experience, addressing the potential flood of mass tort lawsuits isn’t easy for any law firm to do on its own.

That’s because it takes an incredible amount of time, effort, and resources to answer calls, screen potential plaintiffs, and follow up on leads. If you’re unable to deal properly with every incoming call, it’s inevitable that some qualified clients will fall through the cracks. And that means losing thousands – or even millions of dollars – on lost clients.

That’s where we come in. Using our technological infrastructure and our talented staff of agents, at ICE, we have a demonstrated history in putting together successful mass tort lead and retention campaigns. We don’t just answer the phones, but we also screen potential claimants, follow up on lost leads and ensure client retention.

In other words, we ensure that you and your law firm can maximize client volume since we can handle all the calls that come in 24/7, 365 days of the year. That means you’ll never miss out on a potential client again.

Call us today at (855) WITH-ICE to see how we can help your firm with mass tort retention campaigns. Whether your intake personnel is overburdened, or you just want to increase business, we promise quality service and guaranteed results.

The Importance of Lead Conversion and Retention in Mass Tort Campaigns

Even the best law firms in the country cannot always deal with the sheer number of potential clients who call in every day. This is especially true when it comes to mass tort campaigns. Juul, for example, has millions of customers, which means millions of potential plaintiffs. That’s why it makes sense to hire a top-tier mass tort retention team that has the resources to answer every phone call night or day.

But we go beyond just answering the phone. We also save you time and money by screening potential clients, providing you with a qualified pool of eligible plaintiffs. What’s more, when leads seem to disappear or lose contact, we will work hard to retain and follow up with them.

Again, even the best law firms cannot deal with every single call. It’s just not possible without a dedicated 24/7 intake team. That’s why working with us at ICE can help you take your firm to the next level. We’ll tackle it all for you – every single call, every potential client.

Why Choose Us?

At ICE, we’re proud of the work we do. Not only do we have well-trained agents, but we also have a world-class executive team with years of combined legal, technical, sales, and marketing experience.

CEO Gary Falkowitz’s background underscores ICE’s commitment to excellence. Gary is an expert in law firm intake and has written a book on the subject that explains how law firms can maximize their marketing return on investment. Not only that, but Gary is also an attorney with years of mass tort experience.

Previously, he was managing attorney at Parker Waichman LLP, where he grew the firm’s brand and marketing presence. With his combination of intake and legal knowledge, Gary has a passion for delivering the best intake and conversion services possible.

That’s also why our intake staff undergoes ongoing training to ensure that our call center specialists are doing their best to screen, convert, and retain potential clients. For example, we do a series of mock intakes with managerial assessments and we have continual coaching on the call center floor.

ICE’s Approach to Mass Tort Campaign Conversion and Lead Retention

Just because you have a great team of lawyers doesn’t necessarily mean you have a lot of clients. Without a strong marketing operation and a skilled customer service team, law firms often lack the infrastructure, staff, and skills to maximize client volume.

Maximizing client volume with an effective intake team is especially paramount when it comes to mass tort lawsuits. Every potential plaintiff’s call you ignore, fail to address, or just simply do not get to is an opportunity for your competitors to jump in.

That’s why ICE specializes in conversion and lead retention. While your law firm focuses on the legal side, we focus on what we do best, which is screening potential plaintiffs and retaining clients.

Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Answering Calls: Whether it’s early in the morning or late at night, our team will answer your clients’ calls. What’s more, we do not outsource our agents. So, you can have confidence that a well-trained, bilingual team of agents will be ready to pick up the phones.
  • Internet Chat: Some clients prefer to reach out over the internet, especially those who might just be looking for extra information. For many law firms, it might be difficult to support 24/7 online chat, but we have that covered. In order to ensure that we talk to every plaintiff possible, we also offer a non-stop internet chat.
  • Qualifying Potential Clients: Not everyone who calls or sends a message will be a client. Some people simply want more information, and others won’t even be eligible to file a lawsuit. That’s where we come in. Whereas normally you would have to spend valuable time screening your own calls, we do that for you.
  • Retaining Clients: Getting a client to call is half the battle. But retaining clients is just as important. Thanks to our well-trained and friendly staff, we make sure to dedicate time and resources to keep clients interested. But where we differ from others is the electronic signing technology that allows us to immediately sign a client on your behalf.
  • Follow-Ups: When your firm misses a call or has hang-ups, we make sure to always follow up with the person on the other end of the line. That’s because we have the infrastructure and the time to maximize your client load.
  • Resurrection of Leads: To ensure the best retention rate possible, we will tackle old leads and plaintiffs who seem to have stopped responding. The bottom line is that if someone is a qualified client and they are interested in your firm, we will work to retain them.
  • Transparency: We understand that every law firm’s needs are different. That’s why we are 100% transparent about our intake process. Our clients have access to all our calls, and if your firm would like to take part in certain stages of the intake process, we’ll gladly work with you to do so.

At ICE, we maximize your return on investment so that calls turn into clients. Give us a call at (855) WITH-ICE now to see how we can help your firm grow.

Juul Labs, Inc. Mass Tort E-Cigarette Campaign Will Help Millions of E-Cigarette Users

Juul Labs, Inc., which is currently valued at $24 billion, is one of the nation’s largest e-cigarette companies. However, the company has recently run into trouble. After the company was criticized for marketing to minors, the company has begun to stop selling many of its flavored e-cigarettes and at least seven U.S. states have completely banned all Juul e-cigarettes. This also comes at the same time that many e-cigarette users are reporting lung health problems.

The dangers of e-cigarettes have become more apparent as thousands of users have reported lung injuries. These injuries, referred to by the CDC as EVALI, result in sometimes fatal damage to the lungs. While Vitamin E acetate seems to be the culprit for the outbreak in deaths and injuries, federal investigators are not yet certain whether there are other potentially harmful ingredients that are unique to e-cigarettes.

 State governments, schools, and individuals are taking legal action against Juul Labs, Inc. for allegedly marketing harmful and addictive e-cigarettes to children. In addition, some are suing the company for the Juul vape’s harmful health effects and contaminated vaping pods.

Let Us Answer Your Calls

If you’re thinking about doing a Juul e-cigarette retention campaign, and you want to boost your intake retention rate so your firm is more profitable, call ICE at (855) WITH-ICE today. Our expert team and our professionally-trained staff are here to support your firm as you take your business to a higher level.

ICE understands that mass tort attorneys are focused on providing comprehensive legal services for their clients that have been harmed by Juul e-cigarettes. We can handle every aspect of your firm’s mass tort retention campaign, which lets you focus on providing superior legal representation for your clients.

ICE is not just a glorified answering service. Our specialty is mass tort client retention. We put significant investment into training and personnel management so that our agents can convert qualified leads into your new clients. And, ICE gets paid only if it delivers a signed retainer to your firm.

Call us now at (855) WITH-ICE to see how we can assist you with your Juul mass tort retention campaign.