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Hernia Mesh Campaign Lead Retention and Follow-up Service

Hernia mesh implants have been associated with a number of life-altering complications, leading to many people filing lawsuits against manufacturers. The damages can vary in these cases, depending on the severity of the injuries that victims have suffered, but hernia mesh implants are the target in one of the dominant mass tort actions in the United States.

While many law firms would like to handle possible hernia mesh cases, it can be completely overwhelming for smaller firms to try to keep up with all of the legwork involved in handling these types of cases. Certain people may benefit from class-action lawsuits, while others might be better-suited for multidistrict litigation (MDL).

If your law firm needs help with a hernia mesh retention campaign, do not wait to contact Intake Conversion Experts (ICE). We can become the one-stop outsourced intake department for your firm.

ICE is more than just a legal answering service. We can work with you to help build lasting relationships with clients. Call 855-WITH-ICE or contact us online today to see how we can help. Trust our team with your mass tort retention campaign.

Do I Need A Hernia Mesh Lead Retention and Follow-up Service?

Did you know that 33 percent of all legal clients have dropped one law firm they were working with in favor of another law firm? The reasons for this vary, but some of the common causes of these actions include inadequate follow-up, unavailability, slow response time, poor phone etiquette, and lack of reassurance.

ICE will not only answer every single phone call, but we also have highly-trained professionals who are adept at dealing with potential clients. Our agents will provide each potential client with the level of attention that makes them want to work with your firm.

Furthermore, ICE will make sure to deliver you qualified clients. We understand that not every phone call is necessarily a solid case, but we will present you with the most qualified cases.

ICE follows up on all leads to ensure necessary background legwork is performed. We use industry-leading technology, so you will never have to worry about your case falling apart because of human error.

Why Choose ICE?

ICE has years of technological experience that can help improve your profitability. Our intake experts are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Gary P. Falkowitz helped many law firms throughout the country improve intake practices as the Principal Consultant at Maximum Intake Consulting and was also a Managing Attorney for one of the largest personal injury law firms in the United States.

Chris O’Brien has identified and implemented intake best practices through his company’s software, Captorra, the industry’s most prominent case intake and lead conversion software, and he also has 15 years of plaintiff law firm business process experience.

Matt Kelley has over 20 years of legal technology experience.

Kenny Newberry has more than a decade of experience in sales and marketing leadership.

ICE will not delay in contacting a client after they submit a web lead. Our services to you will be based on the type of law firm you are trying to run, and we can make sure that we provide an impeccable line of communication to your clients.

Areas of Hernia Mesh Retention Campaigns We Handle

Some of the services provided by ICE include the following:

  • Web lead follow-up — It is not uncommon for most law firm websites to have contact forms that allow visitors to easily provide basic information. The quickness with which law firms contact these people can be very important since many people with hernia mesh cases will visit multiple websites and submit multiple contact forms.

Simply put, the law firm that contacts a hernia mesh victim first can often be the law firm that lands the client. With ICE, you will be guaranteed that outreach is conducted as soon as possible.

  • Follow up on your internet chats — Another common form of initial communication can be website chat sessions, which many people utilize to ask their initial questions and express some interest in retaining legal counsel.

Converting these chat sessions with hernia mesh victims into clients can be important, and ICE will follow up in whatever manner the potential client prefers, whether that is through continued online discourse or a personal phone call.

  • Follow up on missed calls/hang-ups — Many people can be impatient, and waiting too long for phone calls to be answered can lead to people simply hanging up. With ICE, you will no longer have to worry about losing out on these potential clients. We can immediately call back any party who disconnects before you have the opportunity to answer.
  • Follow up on leads that the firm gave up on (“lost leads”) — ICE is capable of regaining leads that many law firms had dismissed as impossible. Our approach allows us to make meaningful connections in our initial conversations with potential clients, and we can also provide hernia mesh victims with important updates that help them decide to hire your firm. We pride ourselves on providing personalized attention, and this helps foster a strong retention rate.
  • Ability to sign claimants on behalf of your firm — Our firm does not just generate leads for you. Our goal is to deliver actual clients. Simply put, we are not paid unless we convert individuals into clients, and we are often able to accomplish this through our electronic signing technology.
  • Ability to schedule sign-ups for qualified cases — Not all hernia mesh victims are eager to move forward with their cases, and ICE understands how to finesse a possible sign-up when a person is actually prepared to work with a law firm.

We will not be overly aggressive in our pursuit of clients, but we will be able to help maintain communication so a client can take the necessary steps when they truly feel they are ready.

  • Live Call Transfer — Just as people are willing to hang up when it takes too long for a phone call to be answered, many individuals are likely to disconnect the moment they hear hold music.

When you work with ICE, you will not have to worry about this scenario because we are able to have every phone call immediately dispatched to a live agent. This can be invaluable when every employee in your firm happens to be on the phone.

  • Overflow Call Handling — With ICE, we can be your immediate backup any time that every phone line in your firm is occupied. Overflow call protection will mean that every phone call to your firm gets answered by an agent, even when you cannot personally take the phone call yourself. Never worry about a busy signal again.

ICE can obviously be beneficial in dealing with phone calls from hernia mesh victims, but our services also include numerous online and technical concerns. We can help ensure that your law firm has an optimal website that is best serving your needs.

We are completely transparent, so you will always have access to every phone call we handle. You also get to dictate the specific parts of intake conversion you want us to handle.

The ICE Active Lead Program provides daily reporting and you also get agents who will follow up frequently and for extended periods of time. We understand the tremendous confusion that many hernia mesh victims are dealing with and know how to walk these people through some of the more common situations that they are going to encounter in their recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Hernia Mesh Retention Campaigns

What are the most common complications of hernia mesh?

The five most common complications of hernia mesh surgery generally include pain and suffering, infections, hernias returning, adhesion (hernia mesh getting stuck to an internal organ), and bowel obstruction. Surgery can be required to correct many of these issues.

How long after hernia mesh surgery does it take for complications to occur?

Certain complications will be immediately evident and victims will know right away that something is wrong. Other cases, however, could mean that it takes several months or even years before a person begins experiencing any symptoms. Cases of delayed symptoms do not necessarily imply a lesser degree of severity, and [firm-name] knows how to help hernia mesh victims who are confused about what they are dealing with.

What questions should I ask my doctor before and after hernia mesh surgery?

  • Before your surgery, ask your doctor:
  • if the hernia can be repaired without using mesh
  • What the risks and benefits are of using mesh
  • Their experience with hernia mesh
  • The experiences of other patients
  • The rate of hernia recurrence they have seen with hernia mesh
  • How often they have seen complications with mesh
  • How complications and recurrence compared to a non-mesh repair
  • The specific name of the hernia mesh
  • What the mesh is made of
  • What happens if the mesh fails to correct the problem
  • The doctor’s experience dealing with mesh complications
  • What will happen if there are complications
  • The consequences of any complications from hernia mesh surgery

After surgery, you should ask your doctor how to care for your incision, when you should receive follow-up care, signs or symptoms to look out for, when to call if you notice signs or symptoms, and when you will be able to return to work, exercise, and normal activities.

Contact a Hernia Mesh Lead Retention and Follow-up Service

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