Class Action Retention Campaigns

Class action lawsuits occur when a group of people decides to take action against a company for the same injury or financial harm. A class action is filed by one individual on behalf of a large number of individuals that are known as a class.

The class action is resolved in a single proceeding instead of multiple proceedings by multiple plaintiffs. Once a settlement is obtained, it is distributed equally amongst the class members.

Class actions are not the same as mass tort lawsuits. Mass tort lawsuits are filed by individual plaintiffs and are managed by a federal court judge.

There are several categories in which class actions are commonly brought:

  • Environmental Claims – Class action suits can be brought against various entities for contaminating air, soil, bodies of water, and underground water sources.
  • Finance Claims – Class actions can be brought on behalf of victims of predatory lending or securities fraud.
  • Employment Claims – Common types of employment class action lawsuits can include sexual harassment, discriminatory hiring or pay, and hostile workplace claims.
  • Product Defect Claims – These types of claims are brought against product manufacturers for products that cause widespread and serious harm. Successful outcomes can prevent companies from putting customers at risk in the future.
  • Claims against Pharmaceutical Companies – Class action lawsuits are often brought against drug companies for defective drugs and devices. These types of class actions can lead to the development of safer drugs and medical devices in the future.

Many attorneys and law firms would like to pursue class action matters in any or all of these categories. However, these firms often do not have the resources to handle the intake process for the myriad of consumers seeking assistance, and for the volume of calls that certifying a class would involve.

Intake Conversion Experts (ICE) is here to help your firm implement a class action retention campaign. With a skilled and experienced conversion team in place, your law firm could bring in numerous potential class members.

ICE understands that client intake is the most important aspect of operating a class action retention campaign. You don’t have to do it on your own. ICE has the infrastructure to screen potential clients for your class action lawsuit. In turn, you can spend your valuable time focusing on the substantial and legal aspects of your class action claims.

If your firm is currently pursuing class action claims in any category, contact our intake conversion specialists now to substantially increase the number of members you retain in your class action campaign.

With ICE’s assistance, your marketing efforts will increase your firm’s profitability. Conversion of leads into class members can amount to millions of extra dollars in profit for your firm.

Call ICE at 855-WITH ICE to learn how we can help your class action retention campaign. You are obligated to pay only if we successfully retain class members on your behalf.

Do I Need a Class Action Lead Retention and Follow-up Service?

The retention experts at ICE are available to educate potential class action members and guide them towards participating in your class action suit. Our staff is available to speak to potential class members 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The professional team at ICE is trained to discuss the complex issues associated with class action suits so they can successfully convert your leads to class action members. ICE is committed to providing your potential class members with the attention that they deserve.

Don’t let unanswered calls, slow response time, or inadequate follow-up prevent you from obtaining the necessary number of members to certify your class action lawsuit.

ICE is also committed to identifying and retaining qualified class members so that you are able to maximize your marketing dollars. ICE knows that inquiries and leads will not always become actual class members. ICE will weed out leads that will never become class members and instead identify and return actual class members.

Why Choose ICE?

ICE’s conversion experts understand how important intake is for successfully pursuing class action lawsuits. ICE’s experts will go to work for you to increase your retention percentage for all of your class action lawsuits.

Founder Gary P. Falkowitz, Esq. has extensive experience in personal injury law. He spent many years as the managing attorney for one of the country’s biggest personal injury law firms. In addition to working for ICE, he also works as the principal consultant at Maximum Intake Consulting where he improves intake procedures to increase conversion rates for law firms throughout the United States.

Chris O’Brien has almost two decades of plaintiff-oriented legal business process experience. In his role at ICE, he continually identifies and implements intake best practices into his software, Captorra, which leads the industry in case intake and lead conversion software.

Matt Kelley has more than 20 years of expert experience working with legal technology. His passion is meeting client needs and he is constantly developing new technologies to do that.

With more than ten years of experience, ICE’s sales and marketing leader, Denny Newberry, has the knowledge that enables him to identify and implement the best intake practices for each of our clients.

Because of this unique combination of knowledge and expertise at the helm of ICE, our average conversion rate of 70% to 80% far outpaces the industry average of just 50% to 60%.

Areas of Class Action Retention Campaigns We Handle

These are the areas of your class action retention campaign that that ICE’s team of experts can help with:

  • Live Call Transfer: If someone calls you and gets a busy signal or an automated attendant, or they have to wait on hold for a long time, you will probably lose that potential client. However, with live call transfer, you don’t ever have to worry about that happening. ICE guarantees that every call to your firm is answered by a live person who is ready to listen.
  • Following Up on Missed Calls: ICE is aware that every missed call is a missed opportunity. If someone calls your firm with an interest in joining a class action, and nobody answers their call, then seldom will they call again. Our intake agents can immediately contact each of your missed calls, and ensure that each of your potential clients is a priority for your firm.
  • Ability to Schedule Signups for Qualified Cases: — ICE understands that chasing hard and fast after sign-ups may lead to potential class action clients feeling unduly pressured to make a decision. This will lead to them seeking out another law firm to handle their class action claim. We have the experience to go slowly with potential clients until they are confident that they want to go ahead with their legal case. Our empathetic and knowledgeable agents can assist those people in taking the next steps when they decide to.
  • Ability to Sign Claimants on Your Behalf: Once someone contacts your firm about joining a class action, ICE can retain them on your behalf. Through proprietary e-sign technology, ICE is able to convert your lead into your client.
  • Following Up on Lost Leads: Lack of time and resources, complicating factors, and complexity sometimes means that law firms have to drop leads for their class actions. However, ICE has the time and resources to find those leads and connect with them by providing the most current information on the class action. This can give potential clients confidence in your firm’s ability to successfully represent them. This method has proven positive results in retaining lost leads.
  • Following Up on Web Leads: The internet brings many new clients to your firm. Most law firms have a contact form that enables potential class action members to provide information about their claims. Because it is often the first firm that responds to these internet leads that clients choose to handle their class action claims, ICE can provide instantaneous responses to all web form submissions.
  • Following Up on Internet Chats: Many potential class action clients will use internet chats to see what options they may have for pursuing a claim. Law firms may have onsite staff who can give these potential clients information and guidance. ICE offers the service of following up on all your internet chats to discuss representation by your firm.

Frequently Asked Questions About Class Action Lawsuits

How Do I Join a Class Action?

For most class actions, you do not need to take any action to join the class action lawsuit. In most cases, you will be notified that you are a member of a class and that you will be included in the class action lawsuit unless you choose to opt-out of the suit.

In some cases, however, you will be required to opt-in to the lawsuit. You will most likely receive instructions on how to opt-in with your class action notice that you receive in the mail or by e-mail.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Class Action Attorney?

In most class action lawsuits, attorneys do not get paid unless a settlement is reached with the corporation or company. When a class action lawsuit does settle, the handling attorneys receive a percentage of the settlement or judgment.

What Happens When the Class Action Lawsuit Settles?

If the class action attorney is able to retain a settlement in favor of the class, the class members will be notified of the settlement agreement. The notice is usually sent by mail or by e-mail. Sometimes, notice will be provided by publication.

The defendant will likely be required to pay the settlement into a settlement fund for distribution to class members. The class members will typically then complete claims forms through a website created with the purpose of distributing the settlement funds. Class members may be asked to provide proof that they are entitled to a piece of the settlement proceeds.

Let ICE Take the Call

ICE’s knowledgeable and professional team is here to help with your class action campaign. Let us handle the time-consuming work of screening your potential class members. You can, in turn, concentrate on bringing your class action to a successful resolution.

Only if ICE provides you with a signed retainer will your firm owe us anything.

Call us at 855-WITH ICE or contact us online today to learn about all the ways that we can assist you with your class action campaign.