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Breast Implant (Allergan or Recalls) Intake Retention Experts

Mass tort law firms rely heavily on their intake department. Intake agents are responsible for providing leads with a great first impression. If the call center is understaffed or uneducated about the cases you handle, you could miss out on new clients and legal fees. At Intake Conversion Experts, our staff is highly trained and knowledgeable and can help you convert the contacts you receive to clients. We thoroughly vet every potential client who calls us. We understand the importance of answering all their questions and explaining how a mass tort claim can benefit them. We know how to effectively seek out quality new leads to add to your client list and help your firm grow.

We have experience securing clients for breast implant lawsuit retention campaigns. Our technologically innovative techniques ensure you won’t miss out on qualified leads. We understand your team of paralegals, associates, and support staff is busy handling their workload. They don’t have the time or resources to handle incoming calls on top of everything else they have to complete daily. With the constant bombardment of responsibilities, you need peace of mind knowing the intake staff you hire won’t let anything get lost or forgotten. Our team of professionals is available 24/7 to answer every inquiry so you won’t miss out on securing a new client.

What Intake Conversion Experts Can Do for Your Firm

The team members at Intake Conversion Experts know how to be effective during breast implant lawsuit intakes. Whenever a prospective client wants to speak with us, someone will be available to answer. No call or online inquiry will get ignored. We treat every lead we talk to with respect and professionalism at all times. It’s important they feel like a priority when they’re discussing their situation. Potential clients want to know you will take care of them.

We make sure to give them the time and attention they deserve, so they feel completely comfortable telling us their story. Throughout the call, we’ll obtain the necessary details and ask questions to ensure it’s a case you can take. First impressions are essential, and we believe in providing superior customer service so individuals who call us walk away with a great feeling about your firm. Our services intend to show new leads that your firm is dependable and provide the legal representation they need. We provide our clients with a large team, so every individual who calls us will receive the attention they deserve.

Every person we speak with might not qualify as a claimant for a breast implant lawsuit. We make sure to find out the critical information we need to determine who can move forward with their claim and retain your firm’s services. It’s our goal only to provide you with quality clients, so you don’t waste your time on individuals who don’t have a strong case. When we find the perfect plaintiff for you, we make sure we retain them on the spot to prevent them from seeking legal advice elsewhere.

Some firms don’t have the resources to respond to every call or every lead as quickly as they should. That’s why we’re here to help. We don’t just answer calls. We also specialize in intake conversion to build your pool of clients. A lot of potential clients don’t want to take time out of their day to stop by your office and sign a retainer. They’re too busy fulfilling their daily responsibilities. Our electronic signing technology ensures the highest retention rate possible. We can skip the step where you and your client go back and forth, matching availability in your schedules. It’s important to us that by the end of the call, we secure them for you so they don’t have time to think about going to anyone else.

If you believe in using a hands-on approach to your call center’s procedures, we will be happy to accommodate you. When you hire us, you will gain access to all of the calls we take so you can implement an intake process that will benefit you the most. We value and encourage transparency and participation from our clients. We understand the importance of ensuring your intake department is following the appropriate steps that meet your individual needs. With your input, you can feel confident that our department will run smoothly.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Intake Services

Our team of agents undergoes extensive training when they’re initially hired and throughout their career. The world around us is continuously changing. We understand how essential it is to change with the times and use equipment and methods that fit current trends. That’s why our Live Chat feature is vital to retrieving leads. Not everyone feels comfortable discussing his or her claim over the phone. Our staff receives training on how to communicate effectively through chat so the clients they send to your firm will benefit you in the long fun.

Some of the training techniques we implement for all our employees include:

  • Floor-coaching
  • Mock intakes with analysis by the managerial staff
  • Quality control by listening to all calls and offering critiques
  • Review of essential performance indicators
  • A positive work environment that reinforces specialists strengths
  • Expectations required of each intake professional
  • Building strong relationships with claimants

The founders of Intake Conversion Experts bring years of experience in legal technology and plaintiff law firm procedures. They consult with mass tort law firms specializing in a variety of areas to improve their intake services and increase conversion rates. We understand the need for your firm to have an intake department you can depend on throughout the year. The legal field is highly competitive and fast-paced. If your intake service center waits too long to return a call or doesn’t have the knowledge to answer a lead’s questions, they will likely look to someone else to represent them in their claim.

What If I Already Have an Intake Team?

If you already have a team you trust, we won’t encourage you to fire them. We will instead focus on providing backup for when they’re unavailable or too busy to take every call that comes their way. Most people will hang up if their call doesn’t get answered by a live person after a certain number of rings. We don’t want you to develop a bad reputation for always missing calls from potential clients. By using our services, all calls your representatives don’t answer will automatically get forwarded to us.

The initial phone call with any lead can mean the difference between a successful law firm and an unsuccessful law firm. If people aren’t allowed to speak with someone or receive a callback promptly, they will probably take their case elsewhere. Plaintiffs involved in breast implant lawsuits want to find an attorney and get their claim resolved quickly. They don’t want to wait around for someone to call them back and answer all their questions. It’s a stressful time for them, and they must get someone on the phone right away. If they can’t reach you, their basic need for efficiency won’t get met. At Intake Conversion Experts, we aim to provide an unmatched level of customer service, so you’ll never miss the opportunity to receive legal fees that will help your firm’s success. We can assist your current intake team members with answering calls and chats, following up on leads, and signing new cases for your breast implant lawsuit claim.

Why You Should Choose Intake Conversion Experts

Law firms don’t have time to waste their resources on call center services that are unfamiliar with your business and areas of expertise. Our agents undergo thorough training on how to speak with potential claimants about breast implant lawsuit claims. We won’t provide generic answers that don’t explain why your firm has the resources to help them. We use the experience we have to gather details that are necessary to review their situation and provide them with some guidance. Other call centers only take down a lead’s name and phone number, then forward it to the law firm to handle. Our approach is more involved than that. We use our training to sort through individuals we can retain for you and those who aren’t serious about moving forward with their case.

We can provide bilingual specialists so you can open your firm to an entirely different demographic to help you expand and grow. If you choose to use our live chat service, we will implement it onto your website and communicate with potentials any time of day, any day of the week. We will use all the guidelines you give us, so the leads we send your way meet all your requirements. We don’t charge by the hour like other intake services. After you pay our initial set up fee, you will only have to pay for each qualified lead we send to you.

Interested in Intake Services for Your Breast Implant Campaign? Call Intake Conversion Experts Today

If you want to add a team of call center intake and lead conversion specialists to your firm, call us at 855-WITH-ICE today. Our mass tort intake professionals are standing by to talk to you, so you can reach us whenever you have questions about the services we can provide for you. We’ll be happy to take the time and discuss your individual needs so we can match you with agents that specialize in breast implant lawsuit retention campaigns.

When you hire us, we’ll review the areas of a call center that are most important to your firm and customize a process that fits your requirements the most. You can feel at ease knowing your intake team will get the job done and secure the quality clients you want. We work hard for mass tort law firms so they can focus on their daily routine and tasks. Whether your firm is big or small, we have the resources that can help you. Call Intake Conversion Experts right now to find out how we can help you.