When you have a business, the more exceptions you have, the more problems you have. In the competitive world of personal injury law, one of the biggest challenges that law firms face is converting a qualified claimant into a retained client. The reason it’s a challenge is because of the growing number of competitors. Moreover, claimants often times need to be convinced to act. As such, at ICE, we believe that it is incumbent upon our team members to take a Win-Or-Lose mentality in order to maximize the retention rate for our law firm clients.

Allow me to define this for you. At the intake stages, “winning” means acquiring a signed retainer for someone that meets our qualifying criteria. And “losing” means that were unable to acquire a signed retainer for someone that met our qualifying criteria. No exceptions. No additional investigation necessary. No “maybes”.

We preach that mentality to each of our intake specialists and the results have been nothing short of amazing. If we were unable to retain a qualified claimant, we have lost. Period. Understand that we do have losses but our win-or-lose mentality will always allow us to have significantly more wins than losses. Why? Because we just don’t like losing. And because we really understand the processes and necessities of an effective Intake.