One of the questions that the intake department of every personal injury/mass torts law firm should constantly ask is:

What stage are each of my leads in? 

When reviewing the stages of leads, knowing the answer to the above question will allow you to react accordingly and, hopefully, put your law firm in a better position to qualify and/or retain each of your leads.

What we’ve noticed in our many years of Intake experience is that as leads become older, the necessary follow up declines at an alarming rate. And, unfortunately, this decline has a direct (negative) impact on your ability to sign cases.

At ICE, we pick up the ball where the law firms begins to drop it. We understand that the decline point begins at a different stage for each law firm. What we have created is an outsourced option that provides every law firm with an opportunity to re-prioritize, and follow up accordingly on, their aging leads, regardless of its stage.

After answering the above question, it’s now time to ask yourself two more:

Where does YOUR law firm begin to drop the ball?

And what are you doing to pick it up?

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