Chicago Legal Intake and Phone Answering Services

Your law firm has the knowledge and capacity it takes to win the hardest cases. But do your potential clients know that? They won’t if they find that getting in touch with your firm is a frustrating experience.

To make a positive and lasting impression on potential clients, your law firm has to answer phone calls immediately and provide callers with the information they are seeking. This is a crucial component of success as a growing business!

If your existing answering service doesn’t have the infrastructure to handle increased call volume, it’s time to learn how the Intake Conversion Experts can help you by providing the legal intake and phone answering services for your law firm.

As the legal industry’s leading intake experts, our focus at Intake Conversion Experts is retention, and our goal is to give your firm the support you need when your reception or intake staff are busy elsewhere. Call Intake Conversion Experts at (855) 948-4423 to find out how our phone answering service specialists will not only answer phone calls for your firm but also qualify claimants for you.

Why Work With a Phone Answering Service?

At your law firm, helping existing clients is an ongoing responsibility that often takes a substantial amount of time. However, your firm can’t afford to be too busy to answer the phone!

A potential client’s first phone call can make or break their initial impression of your firm. It’s crucial to answer each call before a potential claimant can hang up or the call goes to voicemail.

To stand out from the crowd, your law firm needs to prove to possible leads that their needs will be addressed efficiently and professionally. If you find that you simply do not have time to answer every call in a way that presents your firm in a positive light, consider hiring a legal phone answering service.

When choosing an attorney answering service to represent your law firm, make it a priority to find an experienced intake specialist who will work hard to accommodate all leads, providing each with the information and timely care that they deserve and expect. Select a phone answering service with specialists who can demonstrate extensive knowledge of the specific type of claims you are seeking.

If a phone answering specialist is not able to accurately answer your callers’ questions, then they also won’t be capable of delivering the personalized information your intake team needs. Intake Conversion Experts is committed to capturing client leads by functioning as an extension of your law firm. Call after call, we offer consistency by adhering to the policies you determine. Your clients will not know the difference between speaking with a specialist from Intake Conversion Experts and someone who is physically at your firm.

Additionally, the attorney phone answering services of Intake Conversion Experts have been built around a precise formula to amplify lead retention for your law firm. As the premier attorney phone answering service, Intake Conversion Experts trains our experts to be active, adaptable listeners, offering callers exceptional personal attention. We are here to help you engage potential clients and retain their business, giving them the utmost confidence in your ability to represent them.

Teaming up with a unique and unparalleled attorney phone answering service has become increasingly necessary for success in the legal marketplace. Intake Conversion Experts is an outsourced intake department, and our specialists are trained in industry best practices. We work hard to ensure that all your leads receive the attention and information that they require promptly. Our goal is to turn leads into clients for your firm.

Why Intake Conversion Expert’s Services are Different From Other Phone Answering Services

When it comes to finding a law firm to handle cases, potential clients have a wealth of options. They also have legitimate concerns that need to be addressed. Failing to do so can likely result in them abandoning the law firm. Slow response times, poor phone etiquette, and unanswered calls are just a few reasons that clients will hesitate to hire your law firm or decide to move on to another firm.

Like most law firms, you are busy working toward the success of your business, which makes it challenging to respond to all inquiries at the drop of a hat. By outsourcing certain aspects of legal intake and phone answering to ensure a maximum number of signed cases, you can instill confidence in new claimants and prevent law firm abandonment.

The difference between other phone answering services and Intake Conversion Experts is apparent in the number of signed and resolved cases that we’ve helped our clients attain. Our professional representatives are attorney-trained and ready to implement a successful telephone answering policy that will positively influence a claimant’s decision to hire your firm.

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What Services Do You Provide?

The Intake Conversion Experts team works tirelessly to provide services that are customized to both your law firm’s specific criteria and your claimants’ needs. From lead resurrections to Mass Torts client retention campaigns, we offer several tiers of services, including:

  • Bilingual intake specialists who can take calls from non-English speaking claimants, saving you the expense of hiring a third-party translating service
  • Follow-up on web leads
  • The ability to sign claimants on behalf of your law firm
  • The ability to schedule sign-ups for qualified cases
  • Follow-up on any hang-ups or missed calls
  • Handling live-call transfers
  • Follow-up on any lost leads that your firm may have given up on
  • Handling overflow calls
  • Follow-up on your law firm’s internet chats
  • The ability to arrange for any calls that go unanswered after three rings to be forwarded directly to Intake Conversion Experts to avoid missing an important call to your law firm. Intake Conversion Experts is committed to answering your firm’s phone calls in three rings or fewer.

Potential clients are likely to be facing an array of emotional, financial, and physical issues, and they deserve to be treated with dignity. The intake specialists at Intake Conversion Experts use modern software technology to greet repeat callers by name and verify services without the client ever being required to repeat the details of their case. This system offers a more personal touch and decreases the chance of embarrassing or frustrating a client by asking them to restate their information repeatedly.

Why Your Firm Needs More Than An Answering Service

Are you still wondering if your law firm needs the additional services that Intake Conversion Experts provides? If you are like most law firms, then you have spent a significant amount of time and money obtaining leads. You will benefit greatly when calls from leads are responded to promptly and appropriately and when claimants are signed as soon as they are qualified.

Each phone call represents a potential case that could earn your law firm a considerable amount in attorney’s fees. Studies show that most claimants will hang up on calls that are not answered within a certain period, however, and many clients drop relations with law firms because of a lack of communication and inability to reach the firm.

At Intake Conversion Experts, we can help you prevent firm abandonment with our renowned attorney answering services. Many law firms that already have a reception or intake staff also implement the services of Intake Conversion Experts for support to their law firm during those times when their reception/ intake staff is busy with other important responsibilities.

To meet and exceed your law firm’s needs, the specialists at Intake Conversion Experts answer calls professionally, yet personally. Personalizing the customer’s experience is an excellent opportunity to establish brand loyalty. Intake Conversion Experts specialists achieve this personal touch for each client by instantly accessing detailed information about their upcoming appointments, past problems, or services.

At Intake Conversion Experts, our specialists go beyond simply answering the phone. We understand that effective legal intake and lead conversion, in combination with a high-quality phone answering experience, is critical to getting ahead in today’s competitive legal marketplace.  Our services are scalable to your needs: we can be an extension of your intake department or handle your firm’s intake operation entirely. Additionally, Intake Conversion Experts can also qualify claimants and retain your leads based on your requirements.

Whether you need to boost your firm’s reputation, draw in leads, reach potential clients, schedule and confirm appointments, or process orders, our legal intake and phone answering services will help you maximize your communications with claimants.

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At Intake Conversion Experts, we save you money by offering a retention program that only charges you when a claimant signs a retainer. We do not intend to share in the attorney’s fees, and there is never an additional cost for the number of intakes or time on the phone.

If you need the infrastructure to accommodate increasing call volume, and you would like to learn more about Intake Conversion Expert’s services, including legal intake, phone answering, and other services, please call us at (855) 948-4423 today.