Like it or not, if you are looking to maximize your law firm’s ability to connect and communicate with new leads, having live-chat on your website has not only become the norm; it has become a prerequisite to success.

In this day and age, given how advanced we have become technologically and how quickly we are able to acquire information, we have built a world where response time has become one of, if not “the”, most important factor when selling a product. Regardless of how many years you are in business, your value proposition, or how successful you have been with prior cases, when there is competition, the first to respond is the most likely to win. And this certainly holds true for law firms as well.

Those individuals who have been injured and build up the courage to either call a law firm, complete a web form, or have a live-chat with a law firm representative are hoping to shift the responsibility to proceed from their shoulders onto the law firm’s shoulders … as fast as possible. We all know that the potential ROI from qualified personal injury matters can be exceedingly high. As a result, we should also appreciate the importance of making contact, qualifying and retaining claimants.

Assuming you employ live-chat on your website, one must understand that a law firm’s ability to appropriately and efficiently handle the next step in the process — The Intake Process — is the difference-maker for those law firms looking to create a profitable and flourishing business.

It’s great if you can afford to market.

It’s even better if you have the resources to communicate with a claimant via live-chat.

But all of that means nothing if you can’t qualify and retain better than your competitors. 

On a recent internal study conducted by our company, we completed a chat with 10 different law firms on a Saturday morning. The scenario that we provided in the chat was the same:

  • Recent accident
  • Somebody else’s fault
  • Injury that required hospitalization

Here are the results:

  • 7 law firms called us back (at all!)
    • Of those 7 law firms, only 2 called us more than once (because we didn’t pick up their first call).
  • Only 3 law firms reached out to us on the same weekend that we conducted the chat
  • Only 1 law firm reached out to us on the same day that we conducted the chat

How can we possibly maximize our revenue when our intake is this bad?

What we created at Intake Conversion Experts is an outsourced option for those law firms that either don’t want to, or can’t, adequately handle the intake process.

And given our ability to seamlessly integrate with chat companies, it’s a no-brainer! Stop hurting yourselves with poor execution and start maximizing results with ICE.