Chris O’Brien Speaks at the Game Changers Summit 2

by IntakeConversionExperts • December 11, 2019

Chris O’Brien, partner of Intake Conversion Experts, was on a panel at the Game Changers Summit 2 and was asked “What are the most obvious mistakes law firms are making when speaking to new clients?” See his full answer below:

5 Reasons Why You Should Trust ICE With Your Intake… Right Now!

by Gary Falkowitz • June 11, 2018

Bilingual 24/7 intake specialists save you from hiring an expensive third party translating service. Qualification-retention service using your guidelines eliminates unnecessary fact consideration which saves you time… and money. ICE pays for overnight postage of all signups packages, but primarily utilizes electronic signature for immediate retention. The retention program at ICE only charges its law firm clients […]

Excellence in Customer Service: The Buffett Approach

by Gary Falkowitz • June 3, 2018

“FOCUS ON YOUR CUSTOMERS AND LEAD YOUR PEOPLE AS THOUGH THEIR LIVES DEPEND UPON YOUR SUCCESS.” -WARREN BUFFETT The executives at ICE understand the need for honed-in processes to enable successful intake departments, one that is field-tested and creates efficient performance throughout. Training intake specialists on adaptable processes while listening and grading calls based on […]

Chats + ICE = More Retainers

by Gary Falkowitz • January 3, 2018

Like it or not, if you are looking to maximize your law firm’s ability to connect and communicate with new leads, having live-chat on your website has not only become the norm; it has become a prerequisite to success. In this day and age, given how advanced we have become technologically and how quickly we […]

Top 5 Things NOT To Say To New Claimants

by Gary Falkowitz • January 2, 2018

How did you hear about us today? When you ask this question of a claimant, you are making it about your law firm. This is not about your law firm. This is about the claimant. Stop looking to massage your ego and get information to assess your marketing and start prioritizing the claimant. We’ll have […]

Top 5 Things Law Firms Are Doing Wrong At Intake

by Gary Falkowitz • December 11, 2017

Not Listening To Your Staff On The Telephones A wise man once said, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” This couldn’t ring truer for what goes on at Intake. If you’re not listening to your staff while on the telephone, you have no idea why they are losing cases on your behalf. Lots of […]

What We Can Do To Immediately Improve At Intake!

by Gary Falkowitz • November 17, 2017

Let’s start with the premise that our industry is notoriously bad at Intake. It’s true. We leave way too much money on the table due to our inefficiencies, our lack of understanding the claimant’s perspective and our inability to strike while the iron is hot.  If you don’t believe these things to be true then […]

Answering Service v. Retention Service

by Gary Falkowitz • October 30, 2017

How many times are you unable to get back in touch with a lead that your answering service handled? For most law firms this happens weekly, if not daily. We are living in a time of impatience and the goal of having our needs met immediately. Claimants that contact a law firm about a new […]

Is Your Intake Really Good Enough?

by Gary Falkowitz • October 11, 2017

We get it. If it aint broke, why fix it? Right?! Not so fast… If you believe that because your law firm is profitable, your intake isn’t broken, you are sorely mistaken. Judging Intake by whether you’re profitable is the wrong approach to take. Rather, in order to truly assess the effectiveness of your intake […]

The Solution To One Of Our Biggest Weaknesses

by Gary Falkowitz • September 6, 2017

My mother was sick. We moved. I was on vacation. They shut off my phone. I wasn’t in the mood to talk about it. I didn’t think I had a case. Nobody returned my call. I was waiting for my medical records. I thought I needed to get my police report. Reasonable Excuses – wouldn’t […]