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Business Interruption Retention Campaign

The COVID-19 novel coronavirus has affected businesses in nearly every industry across the country. As the nation has been rocked by the pandemic and millions forced to quarantine or practice social distancing, many businesses have been forced to put their operations on hold. These mandates have come from both the state and federal governments to protect the public at large.

Thousands of businesses with business interruption coverage will be making claims against their insurance policy due to COVID-19, whether they closed because of the government mandate, or for health-related reasons. Insurance companies, however, will likely deny COVID-19 business interruption claims in order to protect their own profits.

Attorneys all over the country are accepting cases on behalf of businesses whose business interruption insurance claim was wrongfully denied.

If your law firm is currently pursuing Bad Faith Claims against insurance companies based on denials of a business interruption claims, Intake Conversion Experts (ICE) can help with your business interruption campaign.

How Can Intake Conversion Experts Help You?

At ICE, our intake specialists are available to undertake the time-consuming intake process for your law firm. We are available to speak to clients seeking help with their Bad Faith business interruption claims 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

With ICE, you will have a skilled and experienced conversion team on your front lines. We can help your firm identify potential clients who were wrongfully denied business interruption coverage by their insurance company. After identifying potential clients, our team of experts can deliver a signed retainer on your behalf.

Let ICE handle your law firm’s business interruption campaign. We will handle all of your firm’s incoming calls from new clients. We can screen calls to determine who has a potential claim and who does not. Our services allow you to use your time to litigate successful outcomes on behalf of your firm clients.

ICE will take your leads and deliver them to you as retained clients. At ICE, we do not charge any fees unless and until we deliver a signed retention agreement to you.

Contact ICE now at 1-855-WITH-ICE. ICE can increase your business interruption intake rate, and your firm profits. We can also be reached by online chat or by email.

Business Interruption Coverage

Business owners typically purchase business interruption insurance to protect themselves in case of a disaster that forces the closure of their business. Its purpose is to replace the income that a company loses due to a forced shutdown by the government. It also will provide coverage for the following losses:

  • Operating expenses
  • Employee wages/payroll
  • Taxes
  • Loan payments
  • Temporary locations
  • Miscellaneous / extra expenses

Coverage for interrupted business activities cannot exceed the policy limits purchased. The amount that is actually paid will depend on the businesses’ financial records. The purpose of the insurance is to keep a business in operation as if the disaster had never occurred.

In an effort to protect their own profits, insurance companies will likely deny business interruption claims arising out of the COVID-19 pandemic. They will rely on exclusions contained in the policy, and other policy language to do so. Claims may also be denied for insufficient supporting documents or other proofs. As a result, there will likely be numerous businesses that wish to appeal their denied claim or take their insurance company to court.

Do I Need a Business Interruption Campaign Intake Service?

As attorneys, your passion is to achieve excellent results on behalf of your clients. However, there is a business side to the practice of law, which requires considerable time and resources.

Some of that time is spent on marketing efforts and networking. You cannot have a successful business if you do not have any clients.

Once your marketing efforts start to pay off, client intake procedures can take up a considerable amount of time every week. New clients have a lot of questions and need a lot of attention. This is where ICE can help.

ICE specializes in client intake. We are here to answer the call.

Our professional staff of intake and retention specialists will handle all incoming phone calls from potential clients and provide them with the attention that they deserve. Our number one goal is to convert your incoming calls to actual clients.

Many times, busy law firms will miss inquiries from incoming clients. Missed calls are missed opportunities. With ICE, no call will go unanswered. As a result, you will see an increase in your law firm’s retention rate and profits.

By outsourcing your client intake process, you and your staff will have extra time to work on your existing caseload, ensuring additional successes for your client and for your law firm.

When you hire ICE, we will use your retainer agreement and implement your new client criteria. Our call center is managed by an attorney who is always available to answer any questions or solve any problems that may arise.

Call ICE now to increase your retention rate and your firm’s overall bottom line.

Why Choose ICE?

ICE’s founders have the knowledge, skill, ability, and experience to help your law firm succeed. Our proven results have increased the intake retention percentage for our clients all over the country. Our leadership plays a huge part in our success.

Gary Falkowitz is one of the founders of ICE. Gary previously worked as a prosecutor in Brooklyn, New York. He transitioned into private practice where he represented physicians and hospitals sued for medical malpractice. He then went on to litigate mass tort cases on behalf of injured plaintiffs at the New York law firm of Parker Waichman, LLP. There he was promoted to Managing Attorney.

As the Managing Attorney for a large firm, Gary learned that prioritizing and scrutinizing the intake process was key to maximizing a law firm’s revenue. Through his years of experience, Gary has realized that accountability, implementing strong internal procedures, and responsiveness are three of the most important factors to ensure a successful and efficient intake process.

Gary received his undergraduate degree from Brandeis University in 2002, and his law degree from St. John’s University School of Law in 2005. He is admitted to practice law in the State of New York.

Matt Kelly is another founder of ICE. He is also the project manager for “Captorra.” With a background in software engineering, his role is to oversee ICE’s technical infrastructure. He is also responsible for ensuring that the call center maintains best practices at all times.

During his time at ICE, Matt has helped over 100 plaintiff firms develop and improve their intake processes and improve their intake rate.

Matt is a graduate of Penn State University. He enjoys soccer and playing in his band.

Chris O’Brien serves as ICE’s Chief Strategy Officer. Chris came to ICE after 15 years in the consulting business, where he implemented new technology and business processes for plaintiff law firms. He is a self-declared “law firm operations nerd.”

Chris is also the CEO of “Captorra,” the industry’s leading supplier of intake and lead conversion software.

Chris has been invited to speak at legal events and seminars all over the country to share his expertise on client intake and case management. Chris is proud of the team he helped assemble at ICE and the successes that his client base has experienced.

Denny Newberry comes to ICE with a background in legal software development and sales. Denny has held leadership positions in the legal field for the past ten years.

Denny is also one of the developers of Captorra. With his leadership, Captorra quickly grew to become the country’s leading case intake and lead conversion software. It is used by plaintiff’s firms all over the country.

Denny feels that ICE is the perfect fit for his background and experience. His position allows him to put use his sales expertise daily on behalf of ICE’s clients.

Call ICE now to learn how Gary, Matt, Chris, and Denny can help to increase your firm’s retention rate and overall firm profits. 

Areas of Business Interruption Campaign We Handle

In this time of crisis, you and your staff are likely overwhelmed with people looking to make a first-party Bad Faith Insurance Claim against their insurance carrier. These people need help fast. Their livelihoods depend on it.

Let ICE help with your law firm’s business interruption campaign, so you can focus on helping your clients.

Here’s how ICE can help you:

  • ICE Can: Answer the call – With ICE, you will never miss a call from a potential client. We will work with each potential client with the goal of delivering a signed client.
  • ICE Can: Qualify the claimant – ICE knows that not every inquiry will have a valid business interruption claim. We will screen all of your calls and expertly determine who has a valid case.
  • ICE can: Sign-up the client – At ICE, our expertise lies in client retention. Using our proven methods, we can help turn inquiries into retentions.
  • ICE can: Follow-up on leads – Our team will also follow up on leads that come through your online presence, as well as from missed calls or hang-ups. No lead will go unanswered at ICE.
  • ICE can: Resurrect leads – ICE will ensure that every lead is aggressively pursued, even leads that have come to a dead-end in the past.
  • ICE will: Provide transparency – At ICE, we work with our clients to increase their retention rate and welcome their input at every step of the process.

Let ICE Answer the Call

If your law firm is currently pursuing a business interruption retention campaign in the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19), ICE can help increase your client retention.

Let ICE take the lead and answer the call. Call us now at 1-855-WITH ICE.

Our bilingual team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by phone, by email or by live chat services.

We don’t charge a fee unless we deliver a signed retainer to you.