5 Reasons Why You Should Trust ICE With Your Intake… Right Now!

by Gary Falkowitz • June 11, 2018

Bilingual 24/7 intake specialists save you from hiring an expensive third party translating service. Qualification-retention service using your guidelines eliminates unnecessary fact consideration which saves you time… and money. ICE pays for overnight postage of all signups packages, but primarily utilizes electronic signature for immediate retention. The retention program at ICE only charges its law firm clients […]

Excellence in Customer Service: The Buffett Approach

by Gary Falkowitz • June 3, 2018

“FOCUS ON YOUR CUSTOMERS AND LEAD YOUR PEOPLE AS THOUGH THEIR LIVES DEPEND UPON YOUR SUCCESS.” -WARREN BUFFETT The executives at ICE understand the need for honed-in processes to enable successful intake departments, one that is field-tested and creates efficient performance throughout. Training intake specialists on adaptable processes while listening and grading calls based on […]