Make Decisions Based Upon Expected ROI (not emotions)

by Gary Falkowitz • July 25, 2017

Whether you treat it like one or not, your law practice is a business. Now, don’t get us wrong, the best part of the business is that we get to help people potentially obtain a significant financial award as a consequence of their injuries. Obviously, we also appreciate the fact that our ROI (Return On […]

What Does It Mean To Work With ICE?

by Gary Falkowitz • July 19, 2017

At ICE, we understand that the intake process is not an “add-on” and that it is no longer okay to treat the intake process as the red-headed stepchild (no disrespect to red-headed stepchildren). To fully, maximize the ROI from a law firm’s marketing expenditures (and potentially earn significant revenue), one must prioritize every aspect of […]

At Intake, You Either WIN Or LOSE. Period.

by Gary Falkowitz • July 11, 2017

When you have a business, the more exceptions you have, the more problems you have. In the competitive world of personal injury law, one of the biggest challenges that law firms face is converting a qualified claimant into a retained client. The reason it’s a challenge is because of the growing number of competitors. Moreover, […]

Start Conveying An Urgency To Act

by Gary Falkowitz • July 5, 2017

Everyone knows that the shopping stops when the contract is signed. So how can law firms do a better job and convincing qualified leads to stop shopping and sign a contract? At ICE, we believe that doing a better job at conveying a sense of urgency for the claimant to act could result in significantly […]